Held 14-15 Aug at Guide Rooms. Initially had 13 of our 16 girls going to attend but 2 couldn’t make it as came down with flu. With 2 leaders, 2 Mums and 11 Girls it was a great turn out.

Started with 2 Pippins linking to Brownies.


The 2 Pippins and Gwenda undertook the “Pink Star Challenge” and did everything in pink.

Guides & Brownies joined them for a pink activity and morning tea.


Junior Brownies worked on string theme and catch patch with the help of a Mum. 

I joined them on Saturday evening for some Promise & Law.

With all planned activities done and an hour until lunch the Mum’s took the girls for a walk “around the block”.

The girls informed me they had found 2 bears one called Cross & the other call Smell. Yes they had completed 2 more bear patches.


Senior Brownies worked with Mum/Me on Challenge9 unit clauses.

The girls completed 8 unit and 1 own allowing them to get presented with the first ½ of the badge.

Guides worked mostly on their own.  They were joined by senior Brownies on Saturday evening to complete Whacky Patrol Patch.

With the extra girls this made for great fun with the junior Brownies and Pippins thinking they had all gone mad.

On Sunday morning the 2 of them completed the Sport & Fitness patrol patch with both of them being quite sports originated it was great for them.

Then they helped cook lunch by turfing a fire before the Brownies cooked sausages for everyone on it.


We finished with a Promise ceremony for Guide Ariana and Brownies Lucy and Molly.