“Smiley Spot” helped the girls with the different activities. 

 The Great Smiley Spot Hunt - How many “Smiley’s” are in the Letter

Talking Spots - Looking a Braille and Morse Code. Send and receive messages using these.

Body Spots - Freckles, Moles, Acne, Chicken Pox, Measles and other spots that effect our bodies. What causes them, how to deal with them, etc.

Cooked Spots - Make very small pikelets using a teaspoon of mixture per pikelet. How many can you make from a 1 cup recipe.

Spot Games - Play dots, dominoes, throw a frisbie, use a dice & counters when playing a board game or ......

Name Spots - Find out what towns and areas are named after.

Craft Spot – Make an animal from a kit set using pompoms or foam shapes

Singing Spot – Sing songs about smiles

Spot the Difference – between the 2 pictures