I am Sheryl, the leader of Southland Lone Rangers, Guides, Brownies.

I have been involved in Guiding and Lone Guiding since I was a Brownie as a girl. I became a Guide Leader in 1986 and a Lone Guide Leader in 1992. In 2001 I became leader to  the Southalnd Lone Rangers. In 2004, I  become leader to the Lone Brownies as well as the Guides & Rangers. I also was leader for 2 terms in 2004 to our Lone Pippins.
I enjoy all aspects of Guiding and the knowledge that I'm making a positive difference in young "Kiwi" girls lives, and that's way I do it
Lones are a special section of GirlGuiding New Zealand that enable girls who can not attend a weekly meeting in their area to be involved in Guiding. They do exactly the same activities as those who attend a regular meeting except that these are sent to the girls by mail (or email) in the form of a "Link". This is usually a folder and sent monthly. It has instructions of what to do, how to do it and anything else that may be required to do the activities. Girls complete these activities with the help of the information in the "Letter", their parents/caregivers, siblings & friends. Girls return an example of the activity or a signed note from an adult to their leader.
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come from Southland. In very general terms the south-west corner of the
South Island of New Zealand. The Guiding region of Southland is slightly larger than the Province of Southalnd and includes parts of West & South Otago. If you draw a  straight line from Milford Sound on the west coast to the bottom right-hand corner of the South Island, everything to the southwest of this line is the Southland Guide region. It also includes the small island to the south of the South Island called Stewart Island. Girls in my units can come from anywhere within the Southland Guide Region.
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