Programme Planning for Lone Leaders can be a real challenge but here are a few ideas to help those with the challenge of a large age range like myself (I have 7-15 yrs this year in 3 sections) or would like to simply plan ahead. The second way can work for any unit including active ones.

I have 2 different ways you can plan your year to minimize your stress.

First way
Each month have a topic and do something for everyone on that topic eg

Guiding Heritage
Brownies = Brownie heritage
Guides = Then & Now,
Rangers = Guiding heritage

First aid
Brownies = Band Aids & Beestings
Guides = Fit for Life
Rangers = one of the service certificates or maybe attend a First Aid, Baby Sitting or Life Saving Course

In this way your mind and ideas are all on one topic. If an idea doesn't fit one age it might work for another or an idea/page might work for all ages, creating less work.

Second Way
I do 10 letters per year for the Brownies & Guides
We have 4 types of badges with each age - Unit, Specialised, Theme for both Brownies & Guides
plus Brownies have Bear patches & Guides have Patrol patches
This covers 4 letters with one from each badge type, and the 5th month is free for a special badge eg WAGGGS, regional, maybe something like a camp or
Lone Day rather than a letter.
Repeat for 2nd half of the year.

So your year would look something like
Month 1 = unit
Month 2 = specialised
Month 3 = theme
Month 4 = bear or patrol
Month 5 = something special
Month 6 = unit
Month 7 = specialised
Month 8 = theme
Month 9 = bear or patrol
Month 10 = something special

As my Rangers only get a letter at the start of each team I try to make it so that those months I have a topic that is covered by all ages (eg the ideas in first way).

Now all you need to do is consult with your girls as to the badges they would like to do and fit them into a month that has that badge type and your yearly programme is done.

For 2006 & again this year I have combined both of these ways and I have my yearly plan done in very little time.
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