8th July 2004, Tuatapere  
  As our Christmas is in summer, and everyone is so busy we decided to have a Mid-winter Christmas Lone day. It was attended by 1 Pippin, 3 Brownies and 8 Guides. Here’s what happened:

We arrived and started the day with decorating the Christmas tree using the
Christmas tree story. It looked lovely. The Pippins & Brownies had a selection of games, crafts and  puzzles to do. So did the Guides. The Brownies liked making the Christmas tree. Our Pippin made a lovely card colouring it in using glitter. The Guides made a mini wreath using ivy and cones and a mini candle arrangment.

We stopped to pull a cracker each and afternoon tea. Then played outside What’s the time Santa Claus (just like What’s the time Mr Wolf) and poisonous pebbles. Back to the crafts etc, most of the girls decorated a polystyrene bell or star, and made a
moving Santa.

We cleaned up before opening our presents – everyone brought one to put in Santa’s sack.
We finished the afternoon off with 2 Brownies making their promise and heaps of badges being given out.

Potluck Dinner followed and all ate well.

In the evening we had a Campfire using tin can candle holders,
Wintery Christmas carols and poems, stories etc. We finished by singing taps.

A great time was had by all and we are looking forward to Christmas – less than 6 months to go.
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