It can be hard, at times, to introduce a letter/meeting to the girls. Sometimes something is needed to set a mood, start them thinking or even just remember that topic. I've found over the years that nothing does this better than a short story, poem or quote.  They can be serious and thought prevoking or filled with silly nonsense depending on the topic. They are just as good to finish a letter/meeting with too.

During 2005-2006 I shared these
"Wisewords" as I like to call them with the ANZAGL list that I'm a member of. They are assessibe to everyone..

I've also found these sites to be useful

Our Poem Collection - a collection of Guiding/Girl Scouting related poems

Scouting Web - stories, poems & skits

The Wonder Ministrels - search engine for thousands of poems (best if you know poet or name of poem)

The PoemHunter - another great search engine for poems but also can search music, lyrics & quotations by Poet, title or subject!

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