These are days when we all get together and have some fun, earn some badges and do things that are harder or less fun to do at home on our own.

We have had several of these special days.  Read about them and try some of the things we did by clicking on the links below.


ANZAC LONE DAY for all branches

MID WINTER CHRISTMAS LONE DAY for Pippins, Brownies & Guides

TEDDY BEAR FUN DAY A special day for Pippins & Brownies

NON-TURF COOKOUT Cookout for Guides using the Heat Theme

JUST 4 GUIDES A day to Hang Out for Guides

LEAPING LONES LINK-UP An Irish night for all

FLAMING FOOD ’08 Our entry at the Southland Regional Cook Off

TEDDY’S DAY OUT A fun day for Pippins & the bigger girls too