With a large number of our girls starting the year in a new section it was decided that we needed a time together to link-up all the girls to their new section.

On 17th March Southland Lones District held a Lone evening with a St Patrick’s theme for all girls plus their Mum’s, Dad’s and siblings. With all but 2 of our families attending this was one of our biggest “get-togethers” in years. 

We started with a Pot-luck meal with families being asked to bring food which was either green or Irish.

After dinner came our Leaping Lones Link-up the reason for our get-together.  We welcomed 2 new girls to Pippins (others couldn’t come), linked 4 Pippins to Brownies, 1 Brownie to Guides and also welcomed 2 Guides from Mossburn to our unit. We also linked 2 Guides to Rangers. They will start Lone Rangers in term 2. 

A large number of badges were also presented.