We made dessert with this method, chocolate chip muffins cooked in a scooped out orange. Very tasty.  
  Popcorn in an oven bag
- frying pan or roasting dish
- large oven bag with twist tie
- popcorn
- butter

Place 1teaspoon of butter & 1Tablespoon of popcorn in the oven bag. Tie bag about 2cm from opening leaving a whole of pencil thickness to let steam escape. Place on frying pan with opening at top. Heat and watch popcorn expand and pop. When popping finishes remove from frying pan and enjoy. Repeat.

These are available in outdoor stores but you can make your own very easily.

- Aluminium Roasting Dish
- Charcoal
- Fire lighter or Meths
- 2 - 4 Bricks (optional)
- Fire Grate (old oven rack or cake rack work well)
- Bucket of water for safety

Fill the roasting dish with charcoal and 1 or 2 fire lighters. Place a cake rack fire grate on top. Place on top of 2 bricks or heat proof surface. Light the fire lighters and cook on as you would if using a turfed fireplace.

NB: If using a pot or similar heavier cooking method, use an oven rack as the fire grate or a grate that is larger than the roasting dish and support at each end of roasting dish with bricks.
Take a Pringles Potato Chip Can. Cut a slit lengthwise down the can then cut a perpendicular slit (top and bottom of the long slit) at both ends of lengthwise slit.(Fig. 1) .

Fold open like old cereal boxes that you could eat out of.(Fig. 2) Make sure to leave the "wings" attached as these work as your reflectors. Hammer the nail in the centre of the bottom of the can and the lid, to make a hole.  Clip the straight edge of the coat hanger so that it is longer than the can. (Metal skewers may also be used instead of coat hangers)

Push coat hanger (skewer) through plastic lid of can, through one side of the zip-lock plastic bag and metal bottom of can.(Fig. 3) 

Place food in plastic bag and place in a sunny area. This method is good for things that only require melting eg fudge or steaming eg vegetables.  Another method is to simply skewer food on the wire after threading it into the top or bottom of the cooker, then thread it through the other end.  Hotdogs, marshmallows, kabobs are all good cooked this way, Placing the "oven" in an oven roasting bag will shorten your cooking time as well as keep out the bugs! Don’t forget to move it as the sun moves.
  Our 6th clause was a craft using an iron. We made badges using T-shirt Transfer paper.  
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