Five Guides meet in Invercargill during the July school holidays and had a relaxing day completing the new "Hang Out" Patrol Patch.

We started at the guide rooms at 10.30am (just as the last shower passed over the city)  and walked the 5 blocks via Otepuni Gardens to Splash Palace (swimming pool complex) and for approx 1 hr the girls went for a swim, had fun in the wave pool and slid down the hydroslide.

We walked from the pool  to Burger King for lunch. We even had an ice-cream sundae for dessert.

Walked back via the gardens - the sun was shining brightly by now - to the guide rooms where the girls listened to their favourite music loudly (where are the earplugs for the adults) while playing board, card & similar games until about 3pm.

Once the Guides had worked out what badge & clauses that had done, we handed out the badges and finished with a Promise ceremony.
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