The 2 Leaders and Ranger Helper arrived at camp in the afternoon before the girls arrived the next morning.

The next morning we waited for the girls to arrive. We had 6 girls - 4 Lone Guides and 2 Guides from a nearby Unit.  As you can see it was a small camp.

Camp started with Colours & Welcome. The girls were introduced to “Gidget” our guide mascot and VIP Guest. (I used a rag doll as Gidget). We then did some “Getting to Know You” activities.

After lunch of Pizza & Soup we visited the South Coast Environment Centre which is a centre that promotes conservation. We went in our Guide Uniforms, of course.

We returned to camp, got changed and headed for the Beach. (The girls had wanted to go since arriving!) At the beach we undertook a conservation project - removing rubbish from the beach. We then talked about the rubbish collected. Mostly  junk food wrappers.

We found plastic animals in a “Big Dig” and had trouble finding the last one! We then talked about what type of water each animal liked.

We returned to camp and made a poster about the conservation issues we had been learning about.

After Dinner which included the camp favourite of Chocolate Fudge Pudding we prepared for our early morning start the next day - yes we are getting up before sunrise so getting ready is important. We made City Slicker Hayboxes to keep our hot breakfast hot and prepared our patrol items for Guides Own.  We backed our Day Packs and then enjoyed campfire followed by somemores for supper. It was early to bed but no one complained.

All the girls rose OK and we were in the car and off to the beach by 6.00am. Sunrise had just started and over the next 1/2 hour we watched it rise from the sea and make the sand turn yellow. (refer photos).

We had Guides Own and then our International Breakfast of Spaghetti, Porridge and Pancakes.

After breakfast we collected “Beach Treasure” - stones, shells, driftwood, sponges, sea weed etc.

As we were to use Trail Signs this afternoon we learnt the basic signs and then made small trails ourselves.
  We invested Alice our Ranger Helper before playing International Beach Games - UK = Sandcastles,
Australia = Swingball, USA = Beach Volleyball - we used a beachball as an extra challenge
France = Boules, Pacific Island = Hula Hoop

Back at camp we did our morning duties and had lunch.

During the afternoon the girls followed Gidgets trail around the campsite and competed her favourite Guiding activities at different points which included

making a kite & decorate it
building a rope ladder
making a windmill
learning about how to keep clean & healthy at camp
making damper & a banana split
learn how to make water clean for drinking
make a water-tower clock and have a patrol race
watch “waterlilies” open
construct a windchimes from your “Beach Treasures”

After a welcome shower and roast dinner we had a few activities to do before we could enjoy our Beach party - yes we had a party. The girls all enjoyed themselves and the Leaders enjoyed some time out.

After a laid back start to our final day at camp we went to visit the rock pools. We were meant to go fishing but low tide made that impractical. That was followed by a walk around the estuary.

After lunch of Fish & Chips we our P&L activity before packing our bags, changing back into uniform, and getting the leaders to update our handbook with all the work we had done while at camp. We waited for our parents to arrive before being presented with our Outdoor Patrol Patch, Water for Tomorrow Patrol Patch, Serious Fun Unit Patch, Go Green Unit Patch and Up & Away Specialised Badge. Yes we all gained 5 badges and some completed parts of other badges.
  Afternoon tea was had with families before we all headed home.

And what did the girls like about camp
The water tower clock, games on the beach & comfortable beds
Following the trail & making a kite, ladder & cooking. Going to the beach & having a party
Everything because it was all fun and new. I got make new friends.
Making Damper was the best part because it was “gooie” & “yummy”
Collecting shells etc on the beach.
All the activities because I learnt how to make different things. The camp was fun because we did fun activities and we did a good variety of different things on the beach & at the campsite.
  A Beautiful Sunrise, castles & party supper - what else did we need!  
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