We didn't win but we did competed.  We had a team of 7 (2 Guides, 2 Brownies & 3 Pippins).
We hadn't had a practice at all, with the menu & instructions only going out via email only a few days before. Most teams have been practicing for months.
Even though our Guides had never cooked on gas before we did cook our meal & serve it (even if some of it was a little cool by the time we served it).
Our meal when finished should've looked like at woodland that Brownies lived in, as per menu below,  but didn't quite.
We were praised at the prize giving for "letting our Pippins 'cook' the very yummy smoothie" .

It was a great afternoon and the girls showed that team work can be achieved even when you don't know/meet your team mates until the day of the competition.
  Our girls in action  
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