The World is very old;
But year by year
It growth new again
When buds appear

The World is very old,
And sometimes sad;
But when the daisies come
The World is glad.

The World is very old;
But every Spring
It growth young again,
And Fairies sing.
  It’s Spring and nature comes alive again. I recently re-discovered Cicely Mary Barkers “Flower Fairies” and thought they showed off the colours of spring well. Hope you like them too as I did as a young girl. Here’s a letter about colours of spring. Complete any 6 ideas and gain the Colour Theme.  
Southland’s colours are Maroon and Gold, just like the Thistle
Find out as much as you can (Fact or Folklore) why Southland’s colours are Maroon & Gold.
    JUST TO SAY...
If we are young or old we all like to be remembered
Make a colourful card and give or send it to someone special
If you look at the leaves of the clover, you will see they are the same shape as your Promise Badge, a trefoil. One way you can keep your Promise is to do Good Turns.
Over the next month, every time you do a Good Turn colour in one petal on the flower the colour of the type of Good Turn you did.
GREEN for something with plants or animals    
PINK for something you did for a friend, brother or sister
WHITE for something to do with cleaning          
SILVER for something you did for a Senior Citizen
BROWN for something to do with rubbish         
YELLOW for something you did for your Parents/Caregivers
GOLD for something to do with money          
PURPLE for something to do with Church or Community Group
BLUE for something with water                     
BLACK for when you should have done a Good Turn and didn’t
Capture the scent & colour of flowers
To make Potpourri you need to dry or press the flowers first. The faster they are dried the more colour & scent is kept. Here are 2 ways to dry flowers quickly.
Drying flowers using an iron
Flowers can be dried quickly by ironing them between layers of tissue paper or paper towels. Let the paper cool completely before removing the floral material. Leave for 24 hrs before using in crafts, bookmarks etc.
Place the dried flowers etc into a glass vase or jar; make into a scented bag or use in other crafts.
From the blossom of Spring
Come the fruits of Summer
And nuts and berries of Autumn

Make something colourful to eat.
It might be:
Fruit Salad
Coleslaw or Salad
Stir fry Vegies
Marble Cake
Lolly Cake.
Try these games that were played by children after a family picnic in the country-side.
Make Daisy Chains
Play “Butter Lover”
Collect Way-side flowers. Go for a walk, with an adult, along a river bank, lake shore or country road and collect flowers, leaves, grasses etc. Take them home and arrange them in a vase etc.
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