This camp was based on the bubblegum characters (

It was the coldest & wettest camp I've known. I was also my outdoor test camp.

We went to Bubblegum and became
The Girlz - It Girl, Go Girl & Bubba Girl
The Chicks - Top Chick, Hippy Chick, Groovy Chick
The Modz - Net Nut, Chatterbox, Text-a-holic

We were meet there by 4 royals from The Palace (complete with moat after the rain) -
Drama Queen, Dancing Queen, Gym Queen & Little Princess (AKA Ranger helpers)
and 2 escapees from The Looney Bin - Flippin' Mental (Camp Leader) & Nutty Tart
(Camp Cook)

You can see all about our time in Bubblegum below
We gained our Adventure Outdoors badge. We were joined by 4 Senior Brownies who
gained their Go Camping Badge. We all gained our Night Watch Theme.
  Our very soggy tents in "suburbia"  
    We ate at the "Food Court"  
  We had a "BBQ Zone" lunch.(turfed fires)
At least it stopped raining long enough to get our lunch cooked!
    Our dinner in a candlelight "restaurant". It was warm & dry and nobody left in hurry.