This is Aroha and I'm going to take you thru this very special badge. It counts as one badge towards your next Sunbeam Badge too!

As you might know I have been with Brownies a very long time - too many years for an old bear like me to work out how long ago it was that I first joined but it was back in the 1950's when probably your Gran or Nana might have been Brownies :)

Over the years since Brownies started the things Brownies learn, do or try have changed. But just like you, girls back then liked to have fun with friends, learn new things and do things that where challenging. 

Ever wondered what was it like to be a Brownie when your Mum or Gran might have been a Brownie? This badge will let you find out. Some things might be the same but lots of things have changed and we are going to look more at the things that have changed.

You will be receiving in the post a little booklet with activities in it to help you complete this badge. Whenever you see the words Brownie Heritage Activity Pages then this is the little booklet you will find the item in - easy!

Have Fun and don't forget to send me your Achieved page and any photos you take of you doing this badge!

This badge has 4 parts and you need to complete all 4 to get the badge. Click on the certificates below to find the different activities for each section.

As you complete each activity, record it on the Achieved Page in the Brownie Heritage Activity Pages.(The times on the Achieved page is from when I did this badge at a camp but it will give you an idea how long to take on each activity so that's why I left them). 

The Achieved page is like the page that Lone Brownies (those were Brownies like you who did their Brownies at home) would have had to get Mum or Dad to sign every month to tell their leader they had completed the challenges, so get your page signed to show you have completed what is needed.





  Do you like the borders above? They are from the Enrollment/Promise Certificates from 1960 - 1990.