On Friday the 5 of November 138 girls headed to Camp Columba for a regional Brownie Camp. 
The first night was a late night because we had a disco.  When we got there we started to dance and they turned the lights off and on.  I fell down the steps but they were not big. 

In the morning we woke up at six o’clock.  At breakfast we could have peaches, rice bubbles or cornflakes.  I just had toast.  There were two big drums of water that we could drink. 

On Saturday in the morning we did some activities.  The mint group got to do abseiling, flying fox, a guide activity, cooking pikelets on cans and grass skiing.  Our group also went on the big and bumpy concrete slide.  I decided not to go down the stairs and started skidding down the hill on my knees.  Ouch!!  Prue fixed me up with a couple of plasters.

That night we had a campfire and two groups flew whizzing comets.  Three groups sang “Going to the zoo”.  Our group did whizzing comets and our leader, Sheryl surprised us by coming up and saying “Our Marvellous Minties”. Then we sang songs.  After the campfire the camp fairy had come and given us lollies.

On Sunday we packed up.  The camp fairy came and gave us lollies.  The best thing about camp was the camp fairy.  While we were there we were given a regional camp badge.

Thank you to the people that organised the camp Splash, Paddle and Swing.  If you have never been to camp I think that it is fun because you make friends and try things that you’ve never done before.

Southland Lone Brownies