What a wonderful day I've had with "my" girls. 1 Pippin, 6 guides & 1 Ranger turned up. I was helped by several Mum's and Guiders.

On arrival the girls did a couple of quick games - chinese whisper (writing on the back type), human noughts & crosses. Then an exercise on Girl Consultation. Met with puzzled faces as to what we were talking about. Once explained it was the girls giving their leader ideas of what they want all were happy. Ideas for our next Lone Day with Mid Winter Christmas Theme came fast. Looks like we will be very busy on that day.

Then on to the ANZAC Patch.
ANZAC Biscuits first. Only one problem - microwave didn't work properly so had to rush home and get my one. Girls occupied by doing  Guide Magic. Then back to baking.

Next was the making of our
Diggers hats. Our pippin made a poppy - hats just a little too hard for 6yrs. Then Louise & pippin disappeared for about 1/2 hr and reappeared saying pippin had just earned a Caterpillar Apple. We were still making our hats. They looked great when finished. Some are finishing off at home.

Lunch followed,  then slings & bandages were put on each other.

Whacky patrol patch for Guides in 2 groups rather than patrols  - drawing picture blindfolded, interview a tree, Lego building without talking, whacky science experiments, newspaper fashion parade. All done in 1.5 hrs. I helped my ranger with her camp planning and other things she wants to do. Our pippin had left for a birthday party.

Getting the girls records up to date took awhile. So many girls from other units so had to find out what they had done. All up to date now.

Then it was time for the making of 2 promises, badge presentations, notices & taps.

The girls had a great time and think most have ideas of what they need/would like to work on now too and looking forward to the Mid winter Christmas Theme day in June/July.

For me I can now put a face to the names. All are lovely young ladies and the Mum's are great too. I feel I know them all a lot better now. It's amazing what you can learn & do in just 6 hrs.
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