(Including Clause 7 of 8 Up Badge)



Where, oh where is God?

God is like the wind – no face, no arms and no need for a body to live in because God is in everything. You can’t see the wind but you can see it’s affect on the world, and it is the same for God.

God, a radio and us – The radio can be anywhere and provided its batteries or power source are “charged up” it will receive the words and music transmitted from the radio station. So, if we too are ‘switched on’ we can receive God’s word, no matter where we are, what we are doing, or what time it is.

Write a prayer, a message of peace or a special thought on a piece of small paper. Put it in a balloon then blow up & tie the balloon and watch it float away in the breeze. (If you can fill your balloon with helium it will float higher and longer).



Your Promise and nature

Find as many things from nature that remind you of

  1. the Guide promise
  2. the colour of your Promise badge
  3. the shape of your Promise badge

You might like to visit different places and repeat these activities.

Granny’s bad apple

Read the story with an adult. Then discuss how different parts of the story relate to our Promise and Law.


Rules and Laws

God is love. God asks us to act in a loving way towards others. This is one of God’s rules or laws. In the games we play we have rules to help the game.  As a family you will have rules that your parents have asked you keep. Everything we do runs more smoothly if we keep or live by rules or Laws. So it is the same with Guiding. We have a Law. Can you remember it?  Look at it and then try this activity. Cut out the pictures on next page and place in an envelope. With an adult, look at each of the items in the envelope one at a time. What part of the Guide Law does each one teach us about (it might be more than one)? Discuss your answer with your adult helper. Do they agree? If not, listen to them tell you want they think it teaches us.