GOALL - Gathering Of All Lone Leaders was held in Sydney for a week during January 2006.

It was attended by Australians, Canadians & New Zealanders

Gidday, Hi, Welcome, Nice to see you again
Arranging NZ Guiding display
Time out, getting to know everyone
How creative are you? Try Scrapbooking. Will you “Scrap” your meetings now?
Eating in Formal Uniform with the State Commissioner and presentation of NZ gift – a mere
Reading of “Peacocks in a land of Penguins”  Are you a Penguin or Peacock or some other bird
In touch with your body?  Womens health issues discussed after learning about “Special needs”
Nice to sit back & relax. Anyone for a massage? Oh yes pease!
Getting around Australia via the Friendship Train was told to us by a Lone Ranger & Lone Guide who had.
Out on a Church Crawl
Faith in many forms – Bahai, Buddhist & Muslim plus lunch at Olympic Park, venue for 2000 games
A visit to a shopping mall, then evening off to read, chat or sleep
Life in 1910 – Guiding was brand new and exciting!
Lones in 1950 – Brownie Ring, Horseshoe, Inspection, Ropes & Knots. Some of us still remembered how!
Lones now – what are we doing
Our thoughts on Guiding in 2030
NZ did crafts, Canada told of Inter-tent Camp, Australia told of how to be involved. An International afternoon.

Evening talk from Aussie rep, Linden Edgell, on WAGGGS board on 32rd conference
Last session – What have we covered from AGP?
Encouraging change & understanding – how do we do it at State or National Level
Another Gathering? – Yes please in 2009
Down south in Melbourne
Eating together one last time. All the meals were yummy
Ready to leave after a final clean
Sad to be leaving all my friends, both old and new. See you in 2009 maybe.