Design = to plan, create or invent something new or different.
Build = to physically make something from a design.

In this letter I have grouped similar activities together so you can choose which of  the clauses to do to complete the activity
Activity A = papier mache
Activity B = Flagpole
Activity C = Newspaper & Sticky tape
Activity D = Lashing
Activity E = whatever you like

I have included designs for some of the clauses that will give you ideas of how to do it but be creative. I know you will come up with great new twists on old ideas.

I had a lot of fun designing and building this letter and hope you have fun completing it. (It was cut into a jigsaw puzzle for the girls to put together before doing the activities)

In this letter there are 24 pictures of  famous man-made structures & notes about them, These have become famous for different reasons - when made, how constructed, why they were made, what they are made of, who designed or made them. I hope you recognise some of them.

Need a bright idea? Take a look here!

*Use paper or card to make cards, boardgames, quilling, paper-tole ......
*Try puppets, patchwork, x-stitch, embroidery ........
*An item from old household items (milk containers, bottle tops, film containers etc)
*Create a new game
*Create a new salad, casserole/stew, cakes/biscuits/slice
*Write a poem, prayer, story etc and present it as a book, poster, bookmark etc
*Create a Guide Letter using a Patrol Patch for a Lone Patrol
*Create a Guide Letter using a Theme programme for a Lone Brownie unit