Southland Lones District Camp to celebrate 80 years of Lone Guiding in NZ was held from 3-6 October 2006. Here are our thoughts of camp.  
  Sunny days
Our 80th birthday
Uniform wearing
Themes – we did flying things; string things; threads; ropes & poles
Holidays are fun at Lones camp
Lovely leaders & marvellous Mums
A lot of people
Not much sleep
Duck & Cover

Learning new things
Octopus making
New friends
Eat me says Cookie

Dishes & other duties
Icy mornings
Spider web game
Tents for Guides & bunk beds for Brownies & Pippins
Ropes & string used lots & lots
Ice cream and other yummy food
Chapel with beautiful blue flowers
Tall trees

Cute Pippins came for overnighter
Awesome time
Mokotua Scout Camp
People of Southland Lones having fun together
  While at camp the Guides gained  4 themes & Adventure Outdoors Unit Patch. They also survived 2 very frosty nights in a tent!

Brownies gained 4 themes, Come Camping & Maoritanga Badges plus 2 completed Challenge 9 badge and 1 completed part 1 of 8UP challenge.

Pippins gained 2 apples for their Caterpillar patch in the 24 hrs they were at camp. 

We did a lot at camp but had lots of fun too!
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