Wow what a wonderful long weekend we've had with some guides from 2 active units who joined us.

The weatherman smiled on us. We did have a cold wind but if you could find a sheltered spot in the sun it was lovely.

For first time campers the girls got the tents up really fast - think the "no lunch until your tents up and bed is made" helped.

We spent the afternoon in a wide game from the 75th WAGGGS Birthday Patch - Keep moving for 7.5 mins, run 75 metres, make a uniform to be worn in 75 years time, skip with a rope 75 times, spend $75 from the mail order catalogue, play a game to 75 points, name 75 WAGGGS countries and find them on a map. Heaps of fun and the multi age patrols really worked, with the brownies being chosen to model the uniform. The old fashioned afternoon tea went down very fast too!

Campfire in the evening and brownies had an early night after a bedtime story from an old brownie annual. The guides & Rangers played a game outside, very cold and retrested indoors for the second one. Then supper and bed.

Sunday morning the Brownies did a bit of their Come Camping badge with the Guides/Rangers and then went off and did the WAGGGS Water for Life badge while the Guides & Rangers did some of the pre-jamboree badge. Trail signs was something none of the Guides had done before but they loved finding  sticks, stones etc to make the signs and trails. They then followed each others trails before it was time for our picnic lunch followed by the playing of some old fashioned games. Knucklebones very popular.

Brownies did the Brownie Heritage Badge and the Guides did the Then & Now Badge for the rest of the afternoon. Old stuff isn't boring after all - not if a badge is going to be got! The Rangers studied for up-coming exams in the sun. Afternoon tea was complete with birthday cake - not for WAGGGS birthday but one of the Guides!

A "Sunday Roast" was served for dinner with lovely table decorations done by the Rangers during a "study break".

Guides Own was held in the outdoor chapel (this is really picturesque at the moment with a carpet of bluebells). The girls had chosen readings & songs in patrols for it and it worked really well. No theme, just things that appealled to them.

Building a pizza with 7.5 toppings was the next challenge alongside making soap. Pizzas were had for supper followed be free time until bed. Sleep wasn't on the agenda unfortunately - last night of camp etc....

Monday morning it was pack up 3 sun baked tents, finish off the last 2 clauses for our badges - saying "hello" in 7 different languages and looking at old guiding books. These were followed by a party lunch - jelly and ice cream was the first course. Pizzas, saveloys, chips & leftover was the second. A final clean up and then presentation of badges - everyone got at least 2 and some of the Brownies got 4!


We went home all a little red faced - not sure if it's sun or wind burn, tired but happy and all ready for ROCK!
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