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Dedicated to original anime and manga.
Delineation allows anime and manga artists to share their work with fans of original art.

We believe that there's no point in having a vivid imagination when ideas aren't going onto paper... and there's no point drawing when no-one's going to see your work. So, why don't you send us your art and we'll put it in our Your Sketches gallery, or you could just look around.

Also check out the main site-artists' galleries - Fei, Street, CLR , Ebz and DCruz.

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How To Draw...
Always wanted to learn how to draw anime, or want tips on how to brush up your skills? How To... shows you how.
(Still under construction!)

Your Sketches
This is your work. Whether you have you have your own site or not - send it to us and we'll put it up on the page especially created for Your Sketches.
Click this link for more info.

Links to more anime and manga sites from artists all over the world.
If you think there's a site worth adding to our list (especially your own), add it to our list.


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