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We're talking Paul, Paul and more Paul
For now check out my excuse for having a website Why Paul"
Want to see Paul? Of course you do! Here is a pretty cool pic! Paul_Pic
More Pics of a very sexy Paul!
And for all of your George fans out there I've got a really juicy Pic!
Here is a recent pic of the Threetles with George Looking Bored
A pic with John and george together looking very cute
Here is a pic of John hiding his love away Pic
Paul could always take a sad song and make it Better!
Ringo gives a come hither stare!
And last but not least is a pic of The Threetles

And at least is a pic of Me! and my best friend. I am on the right. I finally got the color picture up. Actually, I was just too lazy to change the link :-)

Something New!

Check out the music of Paul MacCartney and other phenominal bass players at
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I've got some midi sounds now! Come and check it out! OOOOH Baby : )
Midi Sounds

Love the bass as much as I do? Find out who I really respect as a bass player. E-mail me with anyone you that you think should be added to this list!
Wicked Bass Players!

Guess what you guys!! I won an award for my fanfic.

Get you're Beatle Fan Fiction Award of Excellence here!!

Thanks to all thoses who turned in feedback. I have a new fanfic page. Why don't you check it out at Fanfic!

Do you like cars? Want to know about the mysterious new Kia? Or do you just like looking at pictures of Chevy Blazers? Want to know how to change oil, or at least how other people do it? Cars!!

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While I am in the process of building my website why don't you check out some really good Beatles Sites!!!

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This site has it going on with lots of pics stories and and just plain poetry for you peotic types! BeatleChild's Page

This site has the best fan fic I've EVER read. It also has other really cool stuff like desktop themes and great discussions. I highly recommend it. Live Let Die

Here is a page with something for every type of Beatles fan. It has lyrics, parodies, chat, a weboard and lots of other cool stuff.Check out Gabbie's page!

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