LoBERT (Low Budget Experimental Radio Telescope) Observatory

Welcome to my attempt at building/running/maintaining an amateur Radio Telescope

Have you ever wondered what is out there and what it would sound like if you could hear it??

My trip into the world of radio Astronomy started back in 1983 while my mother and I were doing a lot of optical astronomy. I had always wondered if there was a way that I could build something that would allow me to see things that I couldn't see with my optical telescope. Then in 1998 I was looking all over the World Wide Web for anything dealing with astronomy and happened to come across The Bambi Site. Well his site sparked my interest in a better way to do astronomy again.

On this page and all of the pages link to it, I will try and talk you through setting up a simple low buget radio telescope.

I hope you find all of these pages useful and informative. If you find these pages useful or you don't find them useful, click on the contact us link below and tell me about it. I would really like to hear your comments.

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