This is my page deicated to Baloo,  there isn't vary many pages on the web just  deicated to Baloo, so i had to make one :-D
Now where did I put that sandwich?
            Baloo is a lazy overweight gray shaggy bear who just likes to take it easy and relax.  Baloo stars in two t.v. shows: TaleSpin, and Jungle cubs.  He also stars in the movie The Jungle Book. In TaleSpin he plays a pilot who owns his own cargo business until he didn't pay some bills and lost it to Rebecca and her daughter Molly.  In the the movie Jungle Book, Baloo is a lazy jungle bum who takes it easy and loves to have a good time. (Jungle Cubs is just like Jungle Book but its a afternoon t.v. show) Also Baloo has almost a twin his name is Little John and he's in the Disney movie Robin Hood.  Baloo and Little John's personality is about the same and there looks are about the same except that Little John is brown and fatter.
          The reason I like Baloo and Little John is because there great characters there personality's fit the so well, there always layed back and relaxed (perhaps there big belly's restrict them from doing alot:-D)
Also no mater what the situation is they always go with the flow.
Baloo from The Jungle Book
Baloo from Jungle Cubs
Baloo from TaleSpin
Little John from Robin Hood
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