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I AM 29% GEEK.

I probably work in computers, or a history deptartment at a college. I never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. But I have friends, and this is a good thing.

Take the GEEK Test at!

Feeling bored like me? Look up some trivia that you might have had regurgitated at you during Year 10 science. Look up and learn what your reality is based on... Seconds, Metres and and Kilograms.

Reubs - Feeling bored - 04/12/2002

I've put a couple of entries of my travels in. I'll probably get one entry a week in there, depending on how much Internet costs in central B.C. and Canada. Internet in the city is cheap as.

I dont think I'm missing my computer, but I am itching to get my hands on a CD player so I can record the new Tool album, Lateralis onto Mini Disc. I've only heard half of Schism, and I've owned the CD for a couple of weeks now. Bugger.

Reubs - The Travelling Dude - 25/05/2001

Now I'm on the big adventure... during my travels, I will add enteries in the Sabbatical section.. if I have time.. I've only started today, so the page might not actually exist yet.

Reubs - 08/05/2001

Well, its April 2001 and I only have a few days left at work, before taking off for NZ. If you want to contact me before April 2003, my email address is up the top.

Reubs - 06/04/2001

My apologies to Netscape users. My slack arse usage of style sheets and that whack TABLE thing has resulted in most of my pages just being a big blank black blob. Now it should be alot easier to read. Thanks Ed.

Delving into a definitive guide for CSS - Reubs - 19/10/2000


Its been a while since I've done an update. So here's a little one.

Still as busy as ever. I'm surprised that this site hasnt been removed. Its been so long since the last update.

Anyway, now I've added a page that you can use for troubleshooting your GameJack by UFO, if you are having troubles.

Returning to a abyss - Reubs - 16 October 2000

I plan to travel again next year with my girlfriend. We're off sometime in April 2001 to New Zealand, Canada, US, Mexico and the UK for a total of approx. 2 years. So this year shall be spent saving like a mad bugger (there goes that word again).

Not too sure when I'll update the page again. Sometime before next April, I hope.

Stepping into the cone of silence - Reubs - 4 May 2000

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