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My Personal Battle Against
Hepatitis C

I discovered I had Hepatitis C a few months ago,
and after learning about the standard medical treatment
for it, I went to the Internet and found that
Alternative Health treatments were safer and more effective.

I am an herbal health student, and make many of my own
medicines, and believe strongly in our right to

The disease has become of epidemic proportions in my home area
and a group of friends and I are starting a
Hepatitis C support and research group.

As we progress I will report on what we have found
and experienced.

So far, I have started taking some herbs, they were
all herbs I knew I should be taking, and changing my diet to a
diet for liver health. The results have been immediate
and dramatic.

I am not having a liver biopsy done, and I am in touch with my
body enough to realize when I am in bad health. I have had the
Hepatitis C virus for over 25 years now, and fortunately
stopped drinking alcohol several years ago, and blood tests
have shown an improvement in my liver already.

I discovered I was opposed to the idea of a liver transplant,
and realized what I needed to do was let my liver heal itself.
It is a remarkable organ and can do that if not too badly damaged already.

This page is also a memorial to a friend who died recently,
he had started alternative treatment but it was too late.

I'll have some relevant books in my bookstore soon, as of now
it is under construction and not online yet.


I do not recommend any treatment to anyone, I just want to make
as much information available to everyone as I can.

I've started a Deja News Community Discussion Forum
to post messages and information at.

I joined the Hepatitis C Discussion List, and it is a valuable source of
support and information. It's heavy volume though, so you might want to
think about the digest version if number of emails is a problem.

Here are some links to the sites I found surfing:
The sites on standard medical treatment are
informative about how ineffectual they are, and the
side effects of them.

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