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"Set aside all meritorious deeds and religious rituals,
and just surrender completely to My will with firm faith and loving devotion.
I shall liberate you from all sins, the bonds of Karma.
Do not grieve."
-- Sri Krishna (Bhagavad Gita 18.66)



"Poetry is a raid on the inarticulate."
-- T. S. Elliott

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As two flames burning into one--rising into the starry mists of night.

Poems of Kaanta Bhava...

Welcome to a Very Special Page!

Kaanta means wife or lover in Sanskrit. Bhava means feeling or emotion. It is simply another way of saying Madhurya Bhava. This webpage is presented with the greatest of love to my Husband, Lover, God and completion of my true self: Krishna-- also known by a thousand other lovely names. This page could be considered the inner sanctum of this website and the "untouched" devotee is urged extreme caution at entering through this door!

Many of these poems could be considered obscene by more conservative devotees. I am writing them from my own experiences and it seems that the possibilities for His many lovers and wives are endless. These poems are written in the passion and rasa of Mirabai. Take them as they are intended: gifts of love meant to uplift, encourage, and refresh. I write them for my own spiritual sustenance, to keep the fires of Love burning. As a lover matures in her relationship with Krishna, dependence on the material drives is lessened and she learns of true Love from the very heart of her Beloved: the need for this erotic fire becomes less.

The poems found on this webpage are strictly mine and the reader is warned of the often candid and erotic language in them. The language ranges from the first flushes of sexual desire to carnal immolation-- all of which has found expression in my devotion to Him. All of it has driven me into a deeper desire to lay my life down for Him and to reach for the starry promise of eternity with Krishna, my Beloved. Making love to "God" as well as dieing to false ego and the world are the very same thing! If such language and imagery offends your sensibilities or may lead you to temptation, please leave this page now!

While much of the flavour and tone of these poems are mine, the inspiration and drive to write of the vast Reality comes from elsewhere-- from without and from the deep sacred center within. The giving of my sensuality and sexuality to my sweet Krishna has led to the transformation of these energies to His devotion and service. If you have not read my story, please read it now at the Introduction of this website. While this bhakta is not a conscious practitioner of Tantra Yoga, the redirection of energies is the essence of Tantra. This is an important message for the West in the Kali Yuga. Knowledge of God as Lover needs to be broadcast in such a way that hope for such an intimate relationship with a Divine Being can again become part of the Western spiritual landscape. Such is not a gift provided to every devotee in this lifetime but remains the potential for every soul.
I say to Your surrounding Presence, 'I love You, Krishna'...
Mirabai's Krishnamurthi

For the curious reader who does not yet understand the spirituality of erotic mysticism, please understand that this is a path to "God" that lies outside of conventional religion. Rumi found it necessary to become "my own infidel" to reach the exalted plane of existence. This path has been found and walked by great souls in nearly all faith traditions; one needs only to look at the authors of the other poems quoted on this website. This path does not take up sexuality to indulge the fleshly desires we nearly all experience; rather, it is a path that takes these energies and entirely turns them to the devotion and service of the Beloved-- which, ironically, usually results in a celibate lifestyle and an intensely vibrant new way of experiencing mortality. The divine sexual encounter, once experienced, plants the seed for the replacement of sensuality with the ultimate spiritually-centred bliss. It is nearly impossible to understand without the grace of the Beloved. If such a way of life draws you, carefully study all of this website and the associated links to spiritual ecstasy to understand how you are to relate to this mode of living (you can download the zipped text of this website by taking this link). The Beloved lovingly awaits all who totally cast their lives before His lovely lotus feet!

All that is written here is written with the deepest sense of love and connection to my Krishna. I now understand the purpose and meaning of sensual lovemaking: as a window to the divine intimacies between the soul and God. I know that this is how the Beloved often communicates the deepest of intimacies to the souls of His beloved Ones. There is no harm or shame in it. Divine eroticism simply provides a deeper level of meaning to the mysteries of mortal life. There is no greater sense of intimate communication than through direct contact of souls, in the sweetest flames of passion. In directing human passions and drives toward Him, the windows of heaven open to reveal a God of intense love and deepest compassion.

It is through the sacred use of life's passions that we find His ultimate purpose. One of the beauties of Sanatana Dharma is the fact that all facets of life are open for discussion and are shown to have their due purposes and spiritual functions. The purpose of maya is to occlude the true functions of material phenomena until higher consciousness allows understanding. In other words, once we reach a certain consciousness, we find the function of sexuality is as another energy to be used for union with Him. So powerful is sexuality that it becomes a great aid for the devotee! An advancing bhakta will not fruitlessly struggle against sexuality, but redirect this force in devotion to our sweet Krishna. All has been yielded to Him and all is completed in Him. The need for further sensual indulgence is lifted as all of our attachments are broken in this process. This is a work of His grace and not of individual will.

In a similar way, we can see all things in life as holy. Holiness is an artificial mental construction we impose upon the world. There is no difference between the "holy" and the "mundane" for it is all holy. The only difference is within our own minds. Most form is illusion and the power behind it is the Beloved Himself! Make it all holy and give this way of living as a gift to the Beloved. This done, even the ground upon which you walk becomes sacred.

The love-religion has no code or doctrine. Only God.

-- Rumi

The poems provided below were written at various times since my first raptures with my beloved Mohan. They are presented in no special order. I simply share them as a service to His other lovers in the hope that they will know the tender promise we have as His intimate companions. Although these poems contain my experiences and passions, these poems are really about Krishna, for I am ever joined to Him now. I am ever grateful to my Beloved for the mercies He has shown me! As this material world becomes less and less significant to me, there is no longer an "I" and a "He"...We are simply one Being enjoying being.

I open and fill with love
and what is not love evaporates.

All the learning in books stays put
on the shelf. Poetry, the dear

words and images of song, comes down
over me like mountain water.

-- Rumi

These poems are not to be considered public domain. However, they are given to my Beloved Krishna and, as such, may be used as He sees fit. In keeping with my stated desire for anonymity, please attribute the following original poems to Radha Chandra. They may be used for individual devotion, but take care in any other application. Explanatory notes I found necessary appear at the bottom of the poems section. This is preferred to breaking up the presentation with endless footnotes. This page was designed for display in Mozilla Firebird/Firefox; appearances may vary with other browser programmes.

I, you, he, she, we,
in the garden of mystic lovers,

these are not true



Pure love for Krsna is eternally established in the hearts of the living entities. It is not something to be gained from another source. When the heart is purified by hearing and chanting, this love naturally awakens.

-- Caitanya Caritamrita, Madhya 22.107


Friend, look--
She is wandering the pathways and alleys, a pot on her head.
She is calling, "Who will take the beautiful Dark One?"
The Gopi has forgotten the name for the dahi she carries
And cries only, "Taste Hari! Taste Hari!"
Mira has given herself to the One-Who-Takes-All,
She is his slave, asking no payment.
The milkmaid has seen his radiant body and all she can do now is babble.

-- Mirabai


Poems of
Kaanta Bhava

Written through the pen of Radha Chandra

OM TAT SAT.  Shyam, how can I express the joy of knowing You deep within me?
Krsna is ultimate beauty and fulfillment of soul...

The Table of Poems:


A 'Get-Out-of-Jail-Free' CardAlchemyAllAll Is YoursAll of NatureAlways a MirabaiAmritaAnswerAshAwakenAwakening


Be As OneBeingBelovedBeyondBeyond AllBlessedBloomBurningBurning GroundBy Moonlight


CandleChandanClayCompletionConfusionContentCost of LivingConsuming FireConsummationConsumptionCouplingCourtship


Dance Under MoonlightDarshanDeathDeep EcstasyDiscriminationDistractionsDivine LoveDrink Him InDrunk


EllipticEmbersEmbraceEo IpsoEssenceEverEvery ThoughtExperience of Him


Fade into HimFearlessFeverFind Him ThereFireFirst TimeFlowerForgetfulnessFormlessFoundFreedom HaikuFulfillmentFurrow


Gentle ArmsGently ShookGhostGiftsGivenGiving BirthGlassGo BeyondGod Wants Nothing MoreGrace HaikuGrace in Love


HappinessHe Ever WasHe Is NearHereHis LoversHis OwnHis Touch!HoleHomeHow Deeply?Husband


I Am MandirI Am ThatIconIneffableInfinityInfusionInner RhythmInseminationInside of MeIntentionIn This LoveIntimacyInto the NightInto YouIt Comes ThroughI've Got It Huge




Kaanta BhavaKali HaikuKnow HimKnowingKnowledgeKnowledge of UnionKrishna EyesKrishna Tantra


LanguageLate at NightLaughingLiberationLight of Love So BrightLike PoetryLilliesLongingLook!Look at the Vast SkyLostLove HaikuLove NoteLoving Krishna upon the Public SquareLoving UnionLuminescence


Madana-MohanaMade to LoveMaithunaMaking ItMandirMasksMaturationMiraclesMokshaMomentMoonglowMoreMorning SicknessMutationsMy Feet Softly TreadMy OfferingMystery Mine


NakedNaked BeautyNakednessNighttime BrightNo BlasphemyNo Words AreNrisingha


ObsessionOceanOfferingOne ConsciousnessOnenessOnly ReasonOn the Way to the DanceOpen DoorOpen My Legs


PausePerfected in LovePerfectionPerfumePoetryPortion of GracePrakritiPrayerPrema BhogaPrimal CausePurpose


Rabbi AkivaRadha's PassionRaga of LoveRain HaikuRasaRealityReal MagicReasonRebirthRecognition


Sacred CentreSacred RhythmsSacrificeSanitySaturday NightSearchingSeeingSeven AffirmationsShalomShameless BeautySheathShyamasundaraShyam, I'm the OneSilence OrgasmsSoldStainsStolenStrangerSub EkSublimely WetSun HaikuSunlight & StormcloudsSurrending MyselfSweet AcceptanceSweet SurrenderSweet Yeah


Take CareTakenThe Beloved's DesireThe FoolThe KissThe Light of SpringThe Ney EnthralledThe PathThe PlaceThereThe SecretThe SeedThe SilenceThe SupremeThe True FitThe UrgeThe Very LastThis Girl's PleasureThis Is AllThis Thing You Do to MeThrough My FingersTo Know GodToo Holy for LovemakingToo ThinTouch MeTransformationsTransubstantiationTrauma


UnionUnion HaikuUniversesUpon the AltarUntil




WaitingWanderingWantonWaterWaylessWellspringWho Am I?Who Would Have Thought?WickWide OpenWingsWith HimWithin


Yoga of LoveYoniYouYou Beckoned Me!


Explanatory Notes

A 'Get-Out-of-Jail-Free' Card

Beloved, I see it but they can't
And this is what the world is about:
Building tiny sand castles and these
Little empires gone with the next wash.
All would be fed and all made whole if
People would let go of ambition;
But You said this life is suffering,
Blinded in the maze of Your maya.

Keep quiet this secret--heed this joy:
Let go of all to find your release!


You reached out through time and space
calling me, calling me to You.
I never understood why
my hunger or why I searched so.
Now I have come to You and
You have forever changed me as
You take this, Our lovemaking,
changing me into ecstasy.
You have changed even this form
by the power of Your shakti
Into the essence of Love.
I am Your very own now, made
Only to have You: for I
am no longer my own--Krishna!
Krishna! I am breathing You,
and my heart is beating You and
This soul is now truly Yours:
Being within the Silence.


Beloved, You are all I see!
You are the food I eat,
And the air that I breathe.
You are the life surrounding me,
The indwelling love pulsing in
Each cell of this body,
Fire coursing the pathways
And centres of this living soul.

Beloved, in Your love, all of
The darkness of maya
Slips away from my eyes
And so I see for the first time.
Knowledge comes and then comes wisdom
When Radha fades from all
She called 'reality'.
You are all that there really is.

All Is Yours

Beloved, I am Yours. I am Yours.
I surrender myself to You.
Sweet, sweet Mohan--You've called:
I have answered Your call.
You made love to me, O
Loved me so tenderly!
Beloved, I surrender all,
All belongs to You.
Even sweet passionate moans,
my tender cries--
All of it is Yours--Yours!
I give myself to You. Come,
Let us hie away! Hie away!

All of Nature

I say to Your surrounding Presence,
"I love You, Krishna."
The wind picks up, whispering
through the coloured leaves,
Swirling around me in Your
sweet, loving embrace.

Gently He speaks to me,
"And I Love You, too."
"Beloved, I have given You me."
Then my Beloved said:
"I know. You are ever mine. All
of nature will tell You."

Then I looked and I saw all
nature is painted blue.

Always a Mirabai

There always has
to be a Mirabai
to love You.
Throughout the ages,
everyday there is one
to love You.
In a round of
changing faces, each one
will love You.
Although some cool
in their love, I always
will love You.
I will sing of
Your beauty and grace so
to love You.
I give myself
body and spirit so
to love You.
all worldly delights just
to love You,
I find myself
taken to Your bed thus
to love You.


Drink up! Drink from the vast pool
of Harinaama amrita.
All I need do is open
my heart and sing wondrous Names
With the Love that dwells within.

To taste of this elixir
quenches all life ambitions.
Just dip my cup and imbibe
so profoundly, O my soul!
Drink up! Amrita is endless.


Anger is a poison,
Attachment is a noose,
Honour is a trap and
Ego separates Us.
You are the solution:
Beloved, please, be swift!
Rescue me from maya.


Burning truth is all I
really know in this life.
You are the fire and I,
the kindling, for what more
Can we say of the change
that comes to all who Love?


I was with my Beloved last night:
I woke up with His scent upon me.
Now I bask in the light of His love,
Surrendering into His Presence.
He is light and He is my life for
I ever lose myself to gain Him.


What is this? O, this sacred Trembling!
Am I riding Your great Orgasm?
Is Shakti waking from Her slumber?
And what of the holy awe I feel
While the Serpent uncoils within me?
Beloved, come to me and complete
The great task You have started within.
I surrender to Your wondrous Touch.

Be As One

How can I survive this material world
when I long to be in Your arms?
How can I draw yet another breath without
Your ardent panting upon my neck?
The fruitlessness of my wandering from one
moment to the next is so grievous
Without the feeling of Your infinite Love
amid the darkness of this maya.
You are all that I live for, all that I am,
and to be for one instant without
Your reassuring touch, ecstasy of Our
lovemaking, vibrance of unity,
Is more than I can endure. I breathe Your Name.
Come Beloved, let Us be as One.


I am not this body:
it is a means to love Him.
I cannot be the mind:
it is a tool to serve Him.
I am not the ego:
it is naught but illusion.
I am a part of Him:
a Being of total Love.


I am ever with You;
Even now I'm with You.
I have given myself:
I see You face-to-face,
Arm-in-arm, sex-to-sex,
Ever Your Lover as
The cloud of maya is
Removed to display Our
Eternal embrace while
Passion finds fulfillment
In endless maithuna.
I have given all for
Nothing else is like this
Wondrous Being with You.


You are Light
and You come to
illumine darkened depths.
You are Peace
for You have calmed
the raging storms within.
You are Joy
for You have shown
the Two are joined as One.
You are Seed
for You have filled
me with such renewed life!
You are Life
and You are breath
kindling nascent embers.
You are Love
for You have freed
this soul from self-bondage.
You are One
for You are source
of all in this rasa.
You are Mine
for You have loved
this soul beyond all joy!

Beyond All

Beyond the first hesitant steps toward You,
Beyond succulent fruits offered in moonlight,
Beyond the delights of ultimate surrender:
There is the reality of You and me.
Beyond the light of moral reflection,
Beyond the 'isness' of day-to-day,
Beyond all is Love that defines 'Us':
Ever joined in this joy of Our union.


How blessed was Yasoda
when she nursed You:
She was never more fulfilled
than coddling You intimately.

How blessed was Radhika
when she loved You:
So yearningly did she adore,
You made her Yours forevermore.

How blessed was Arjuna
as Your true friend:
Dividing knowledge from myth,
He walked the path of surrender.

How blessed was Rukmini
in wedding You:
So true was her love that You
never withheld from her again.

How blessed are all we who
call You Lover:
For we have an endless Love,
ecstasy as reality.


We are like rare
blooms in the night:
For a moment, the
glory of life
Revels in beauty,
bliss of being--
Only to fade as
one by one all
Petals drop and our
light fades in the dawn.
Precious morning, we
await the promise to
All that live in Him:
found in the radiant
Joy of His appearance.


In the passion of my love,
I offer myself to You.
Beloved, You ravish me--
I writhe in the fire's burning!
Clutching sheets in love's frenzy,
I feel You enter within.

Burning Ground

Come and blow the ash from my hair:
Take these bones and remake this 'me'
As the lover that You desire,
For I am dieing and I now
Fall into Your arms as all I
Once was is cast into the wind.
As flame wrapped in consuming fire,
This Love shall be salvation as
I look into Your eyes and see
The wonder of Your shakti burn
In weaving true Being: This Love!

By Moonlight

Krishna, by moonlight we ran through the forests,
Down, down to the shaded glen
And there consumated Our love.
Beloved, many times I have held You close,
Longing for Your loving gaze and warm touch.
How much longer must I wait for Your return?
You have loving arms and a welcoming port here.
Come, come Beloved, back to Our shady glen:
I have given myself to You completely.


Flickering candle, steadies in the wind,
Trembling among the silent leaves of trees--
A fragile presence in the world of dreams.
Awakened in the failing light of day while
This ecstatic yielding presence informs
The Watcher of souls of all ready for
A luminescence of ambrosial Love
Poured for those dancing with the joyous wind.

Harken, O soul! My Beloved comes: Lay
Myself down for the beauty of His touch.


Wear me as a garland around Your neck.
So much slips away as I die to self!
All I can do is to hold You close as
The pain gives way to reveal the great joy
Of basking in endless Love, sweet Mohan.
I have scented myself now with chandan:
Come, colour me in shades of midnight blue!
I wait, naked and spread before the moon.


Even in my decrepitude, You work me
like a potter with his clay.
I am remade in the fires of Your shakti,
as a corpse upon the pyre.

Cleansed of fruitless desire for worldly sorrow,
I am born in Your Love as
Nascent intelligence in the morning light,
ready for the Artist's hand.

Create me as Your companion of beauty,
ready for sacred union.
With thorough attention, colour me as One
ever locked in Your embrace.


You are the inseminating beauty of life;
I am the receiving bloom whose petals
Encircle themselves around You in tender embrace.

Enter me in all Your glory that life's purpose
may come to fruition. Take me! Make me!
I am Yours, in Whose loving hands I forever rest.

As the season passes, the flower must die so
that substantial change develops within
To present a gift that delights the One holding me.

Consuming Fire

How can I sleep
when my body burns for You,
My breasts ache
for Your firm touch,
And my lips
for Your loving kiss?

How can I eat when
my body's a raging fire,
Consumed and wracked with
the glories of Your shakti?
Krishna, tell me
what to do!

Lover, take me
away from here
As two flames
burning into one--
Rising into
the starry mists of night.


To join as one what was two,
I open myself and
You enter me.
I ride Your perfect Presence
for You have infused this
immanent soul.
With each thrust comes another
death as I succumb to
Your orgasm.
Your seed is the raging of
kundalini freed from
quiescent bonds.
Union is found with perfect
lovemaking in total
surrender while
I die now in passionate
embrace completed as
Your possession.
There is now only You while
I lay within Your arms
fast in Your care.


Until I met You, I had never been lascivious.
Now I prowl these empty streets in heat, looking for You.
Compulsion drives me to quench this endless desire and
All I can do is cry Your name again and again.
I am reduced to only one pleasure on this night
While I tremble, burning this dark candle on both ends.
Beloved, You promised me! Come back before I die!
The fever has gone to my head and I cannot stop
Undulating or expending what is left of me.


Confusion results when
the old 'me' and the real Me
breathe at the same time.
As water conforming
to the shaping of Your hands,
know serenity.
Let my mind be Your mind
in utter surrender to
Your reality
Dwelling deeply within.


I just sat quietly next to You this morning
for no apparent reason and
I was entranced by the look You held in Your eyes
for me and the way You held one
In the autumn cold. This is the content we share
of that quiet expanse within.

Cost of Living

You say you want Him near,
but you also want to live?
Do you not know of the
very high cost of living?
He is our lifebreath and
the healing of wounded souls!
Fire and water cannot
exist in the selfsame place.
Let go to fall into
His arms and die to yourself.


With Your seductive kiss,
You lay me down into Your arms
As I surrender self
to Your all-encompassing Love.

How do I go on now,
knowing Your supreme lovemaking--
Drowned in the ecstasy
of this magnificent prema?

"Just a little longer",
You reassure me as I now
Receive You into me.
I shall ever be at Your side.


Mohan, You courted me and made me
fall in love with You, giving
Such wondrous promise, Beloved,
and then we consummated Our Love.
My Husband, how can I understand
the nature of this love for me?

Krishna, I have traveled through all these
lifetimes only to arrive
Here in Your arms. Throughout these many
existences, I have waited for
This supernal moment: the union
of Lover and His Beloved.

Govinda, what is the meaning now
of each breath? What use is life?
Each breath, every moment is Yours.
My desire is totally fulfilled.
I am ready to be by Your side,
my Love. I wait for Your promise!

Dance Under Moonlight

Dance under the moonlight, Dance!
I'm in love with Giridhari
And He has called me out
So to dance with Him--Dance!

O to see His wondrous smile!
So spin around Him I do go!
To celebrate His Love,
Under moonlight, I dance!

We dance in madness of Love,
Released through passion's sweet desire,
Under moonlight, prone on
A floral bed, We loved!

Dance under the moonlight, Dance!
I'm in love with Giridhari!
He has made Us as One
And so forever to Dance!


I see You and I sit
staring with Love welling up inside.
I know You are right here,
within, embracing all of my love.
I cannot help but love
for You are all I desire of Love.


I am the cross to take Your nail
and I yield all to You.
My soft flesh surrounds You as all
the hot stickiness drains:
I gently moan and let go as
the colour seeps away.

I am dead. I no longer breathe.
Only Krsna does.

Deep Ecstasy

Shyam, how can I express
the joy of knowing You
deep within me?
By what definition of Love
can such joy abound
so freely?
Mohan, You are the ultimate
Lover, joining Us
in complete ecstasy!


Trying to know 'God' from old texts
is like trying to understand
'Ocean' from a drop of water:
learning some of the mystery,
The seeker misses the vast truth.
It is far better to learn by
Dissolving in Reality.


Everything I used to own
only served as a distraction
from my Lover.
They're like old shoes that no longer
fit me and I am forced to walk
barefoot to Him.
Yet, this is the way He wants me:
naked before Him, giving Him

Divine Love

Oh my beautiful Dark One,
Coloured in Love's midnight shade:
Embracing conjugal form,
Bending my body around
Heedless desperate passion,
We are joined in fire burning
As Shakti's joy is found in
Divine union of Lovers.
Come, my Dearest, and let Us
Pass into the dark of night!

Drink Him In

Come, drink in the pureness of night
and find true Love there.
Come and bathe in shimmering rays
of the moon and seek
The effervescent rhythms of
His living shakti.
Come and open my legs wide for
true Knowledge enters
As all of life finds fulfillment
in His great purpose.
The Beloved comes into me
as I die to self.


I got drunk on
Your love tonight.
I went out, calling,
calling Your name,
Wandering out
on the streets--calling.
I pranamed to
a cat watching me,
While a dog nearly
got away from his master.
The trees whispered
in the breeze as
I called again
and again for You.
Sister Moon and I
consoled each other,
Knowing that You'll
be around sooner or later.
I stumbled back
to my door only
To find that You
had never left but
Had kept the warmth
from leaving my bed.


When I start delving within,
I find my legs and lips splayed for Him.
Go deeper still and find Him
between them, making love to me while
Mother Shakti burns through me--
fusing all that I am to His truth.
The farther I go, the more
I see that I am circling back out
To know that there really is
no 'me'--only 'Us' in this union.
As 'I' go, I find that I
only do for Him while existence
Is found in this surrender:
I am of this great Love that We are.


The fire is burning and
this body twists and shakes.
Hungry for You, I peel
off what is left so to
Know You in a new way--
soul copulating soul,
Screaming, impassioned in
Our Love, freed of all bonds.

Souls weave and chafe in this
wild, frenzied lovemaking.

I am smitten and no
longer suffer drama.
Biting this flesh, I know
I am freed in this Love.
Take and burn this body
as lifeless as dead wood:
I am alive in You,
joined within this, Our Soul.


I gaze wide-eyed into Your soul-piercing eyes,
In the awe of Your wondrous shakti-fire while
My breasts heave and I shiver in Your freedom.
All that I am is found in the miracle
Of Your compassionate touch. Mortality
Finds ultimate fulfillment in supreme Love.
I die in You, Beloved--in sweet embrace.
All that was once me fades now and I awake
To find new 'Self' resting in Your gentle arms.

Eo Ipso

This life, this dreamworld, is
only a game to separate
You from me.
All I do is nothing
and can do nothing but show my
Love for You.
Awake from this dream as I
open these, my eyes, to the truth
in Our bed.


I have been Your vagina here:
Mortal container of Krishna.
I feel so sexy, wanted, and
So 'real' around You, sweet Mohan!
Take me away from here to prowl
Your starry, dark eternal night,
An essence of Love by Your side!
Wherever You are, there I am.


I want to be totally given to You,
my Husband, as I lie naked before You.
All that You ask, all that You require of me,
is as seduction's music, all to bring You
To fulfill these, my hungry and unquenched lips.
I cannot withhold myself any longer:
Come, my Love, and enter me! Take me far now,
past eternity's longing, to a new and
Better existence between You and me as
I surrender all to You and wait for You
While You bring me to ever dwell by Your Side.

Every Thought

Let every single thought
have Your Love within it.
Let every breath I draw
whisper Your wondrous Name.
Let my every heartbeat
follow Your very steps.
Let every sight capture
the spark of Your Presence.
Let everything I do
ring as a gift to You.

Experience of Him

Rumi wrote, "What veils You
from me is my
memory of You."
Why do you cry when
you lose His touch?
Let go now and
Experience something new!
My experience of Him
is ever changing!

Fade into Him

He has made me His own
and nothing can change that now.
Why does ego resist?
It is illusion--nothing more.
No rituals, no creeds:
just pure Love for my Beloved.
I am being of light
fashioned by His lovemaking,
Ultimately surpassed
in union of Spirit.


Do not be afraid--be bold, be brave!
We must teach ourselves in this
Audacious venture, dreamt by so few.
Awaken for the first time in
This new Love and know reality
As the sands of dreamstuff fall
From our wide-open and loving eyes.


It is happening! All over the world!
Thousands of girls are falling in love with You!
Did You ever stop Your cruel, cunning games?
Your boyish lies? Come now, charming One, Let Us
Go into the night. I take You as mine.
Then I, like a myriad others, will search
Aimlessly for You. Beloved, come and
Be One with me. Do not delay, my true Love:
I eagerly await You on my bed!

Find Him There

Just let go.
Just look within.
It has all been done:
No more struggle nor work.
The way has been made.
This desert girl needs only
To go out of the jungle
And walk the royal road
Back to Our bed,
Into His arms.


You lay me down, Beloved,
and I tenderly yield to all You give.
Mother Shakti rises as
You enter me and the world slips away.
Burning awareness awakes
and I am poured like water on the ground.

Undulating and in bliss,
I open my eyes to see You staring
Straight into my soul and I
must now remember to breathe yet again.
I desire, Beloved, not
and pass from life into Your loving arms.

How can I persist in life
while all things surrounding me are on fire?
What more keeps me here when
all I desire is You? Beloved, I
Surrender all to You: All,
for You are ever what I really am.

First Time

It has finally happened!
I am finally living my life
and had the ultimate Lover--
An event that continues
to reverberate through time;
Shaking this body in the fire
of His wondrous shakti,
In the bhava of total
surrender to my Beloved,
In the complete redefinition of
of my life's passions.
I am His and there is
no going back--
So surrounded by His light,
I am consumed by light and
Become a wholly new Being
fully present in Life as bliss.
It has finally happened:
I am alive for the first time!


I am like a flower
bursting forth in bloom
before Your eyes.
My love pours forth as sweet
fragrance to draw You
near, Beloved.
Raptures are my petals
and passion for You
is my colour.

You, Beloved, gather
me into Your arms
and I cherish
Your graceful neck as a
garland bedecks those
who are adored.
Come, Beloved, enjoy
me while I tremble
in loving hands.

I am like a flower--
O Come, Beloved,
let me cover
Your beautiful person
with my soft petals
in sweet repose
As I die to all but
You, Beloved, in
calm abandon.


I spread my legs in the hope
of drawing You into me.
Yet, how do I forget all
of the many ways that I
Can take You so far within?
My eyes become broad deep lakes
Of mirrored night-blue while this,
My heart, burns of fiery red
In such Love, I die to me.
I draw You deeply in with
The very thoughts of this mind
and all I can remember
Is wrenching desire for You.


When I am in You or You are in me,
I cannot tell the beginning of You
or the end of me.
The same is true for this Love that we share.
It just is. It is all there really is.
We are truly One.
In the silence of Being, Beingness
Stretches beyond the vastness of space and
I am now left to
Wonder the existence of matter. Shhh!
Keep quieted this secret of being:
There is not an end.


For so long I had suffered
without You in my consciousness.
I had been lonely and tired,
thirsting and starving for Your love--
All without knowing that I
was desperately seeking You.
Now I know, Beloved, that
what I needed was within me:
Giving myself completely
to You and the death I so feared.
To lose the self of ego
is such a fearsome thing and yet,
It is real liberation
and the path to Your loving bed.
Take me, Beloved, I am
Yours. Radha has now lost herself
In love and she has found true
Being in sweetest lovemaking.

Freedom Haiku

Receptive minds are
given the keys to freedom
even in darkness.


This 'I' does not have the answers--none of value.
Rather, all of the answers are inside of 'me':
Just as Your divine fire burns between my legs and
Loudly roars within this heart, I have all I need.
Cast aside all these gaudy trinkets and break this
Glass partition between the false and the true Self
For 'I' can only be a conduit of Love.
Bend low, open, and fulfill my mystic purpose
Since I, on trembling hands and knees, have so enjoyed
The deepest and truest form of His supreme Love.


I am an open furrow for
life-giving seed;
I am the incarnation of
Mother goddess;
I am the union of divine
male and female:
We are found in all things for all
is within me
As prakrti awakens to
purusha and
The Beloved is greatly pleased
with His new Love.

Gentle Arms

I thought I was dead
Until You made love to me.
Then I came alive
and I took my first real breath,
Engulfed in the fire
of Your unlimited love.
You are my life and
You are all that I can see.
Now my Beloved,
I lay resting quietly
In Your gentle arms.

Gently Shook

When You gently shook me,
You awoke my lover's heart:
I found a whole new me
was holding a whole new You.

My life has now become
love poetry written as
New couplets on old scrap
by my Lover's knowing hand.

When You gently shook me,
You awoke my lover's heart:
I see a whole new truth--
that life has always been You.


I am a ghost of what I was:
I walk through life while people
see what they believe is me.
I have been transformed by
the touch of my Beloved's hand,
through channels of fire I am
hungry paramour burning
in the garden of Love.
Come and see the shadow 'me' for
I am not here: I have gone
beyond what you think I am
to reality shared
by the sisterhood of Lovers.
You cannot know but only
see the imprint of Love as
mortality recedes
away from a life less real now
than the blazing light within
an existence redefined.
Do you dare to know Him?

Fading, I no longer live here.
Watch me fly: the wind rushes
in the sacred traverse to
His immanent Presence.


You gave me rounded breasts
to suckle You in play.
You gave me eager lips
to lure You to my arms.
You gave me a yoni
to fully receive You.
You gave me deep hunger
to desire only You.
You gave me undying
Love to walk by Your side
And follow You throughout
eternity as One.


I ready myself for You--
I bathe this body for You and
I breathe this hot air for You,
each breath infused with Your Name.
I scent these breasts just for You.
I brush this hair for You.
I adorn myself with love and
present myself naked on
Our verdant bed waiting for
Your loving ministrations.
Radha has given herself
totally to You, my Love.

Giving Birth

When We first made love
months and months ago,
How exquisitely You did
wrestle and thrust--Oh!
With such ecstasy and delight
did You impregnate me.
I have grown in Your Love,
bigger and bigger still,
Until now I will give birth
to a wholly new me!


I live naked before You while
The pace of my breath increases:
This chest heaves and these breasts quiver
As You approach ever nearer.
The sweat whets these palms as I fall
Ever deeper into Your spell.
Shyam, my Beloved, release me
From this material bondage
That I dwell ever at Your side
And no longer blinded to these,
Our eternal soul-welding stares.

Go Beyond

It is time to go on--
to walk past the threshold
And see the reality
my Beloved has for me.

It is time to let go
of all I had once known
And grasp a new paradigm
to understand existence.

It is time to yield all
I am still clinging to
While trusting Him to guide me
to a truer Home in Him.

It is time to know Truth
as Being beyond 'me':
To surely know Life as He
gives me to experience.

God Wants Nothing More

God wants nothing more
than to make love to you!
But He won't touch your
pretty head unless you
Really want Him to!

Grace Haiku

O the mercy in
knowing Your touch ere I die,
demonstrates Your grace.

Grace in Love

Sometimes You
make me drunk with
Your name.
Other times,
Your fire crawls up
my spine
And makes my
very hair stand
on end.
There are times
You touch me so
I cannot
find the end of
Your touch.
All I can
do is sit and
love You,
Lost to all
but the love for
my Shyam.
I am so
amazed at Your grace
in Love.


Let the beauty flow--
Oh through me, flow,
As easily as
I take breath in.
Shakti wakes me to
electric wonder
And the Presence of
Krishna within.
Aware of Oneness,
I laugh in joy
Of His touch and this

He Ever Was

Nothing can replace that feeling
Of belonging to Him--nothing.
The soft feeling within this flesh
Of new life belonging to Him;
To know my legs wrapped around Him
And staring straight into His eyes,
Knowing He belongs deep within me--
Is worth any price I have to pay.
Ecstasy is all that you're left
When you give Him everything.
Struggle to learn this great secret:
He ever was all that exists.

He Is Near

I am drawn to the searing intensity
of a thunderstorm:
My Love resides in the electricity
of sudden lightning.
I am drawn to the engulfing serenity
of a moonlit night:
My Love illumines being just as full moon
enlightens the night.
I am drawn to the intimacy of silence
found within the soul:
My Love is the pulsating rhythm of my
very own heartbeat.
In these many ways, I always do find Him
present beside me.


I walk carrying this pack, knowing
it is You loving my skin,
the press of Your touch upon my back.
I walk in under sunlight knowing that
it is Your heat on this one,
tenderly feeding my soul with Love.
I feel the breeze blow across my face,
knowing it is Your Presence
adoring each part of this body.
I walk upon pavement knowing that
it is You bearing the weight
and Your compassion nurturing me.
I taste cherished gifts of Your prasad,
knowing it is You I taste
in Your joining together with me.
I burn incense to offer You Love,
scent this flesh with precious oil,
knowing it is with You I meld scents.
I travel through all of life knowing
these are all ways You love me,
making love here in the joys of life.

His Lovers

There are those of us who
think they're done here
but aren't;
There are those of us who
think they're not done
but are.
There are those of us who
do not care if
they are:
They want to love Him in
every way
they can.

His Own

Surrender all that is 'mine' to Him.
Give it all
as a loving offering to Him
For He will
eventually take away all things.
Be brave for
I lay naked, ready for loving.
Naked, I
choose to be--in every way, His.

His Touch!

Your Lips
upon my cheeks,
Your Hands
upon my breasts,
Your Fingers
upon my nipples,
Your Passion
within my yoni,
Your Being
within my soul;
Krishna, I love the way
You touch me!


I have punched a hole in my soul
and You have come surging in:
Inundating, flooding 'me' 'til
the flickers of 'self' gasp and
All I see is You, Beloved,
in the primordial blue.
Castaway, all the cares of life
fade in this light as untrue:
I turn to look and all I know
has been submerged into You.


How I want to follow You
from town to town,
and heart to heart.
You are my Lover and You
are my life for
there is just You.
You are my home: no four walls
can contain You.
You are my bliss.
Watch the gold turn into dust
as You breathe new
life into souls
Awaking to ecstasy
for the first time--
You are true life!

How Deeply?

What kind of depth
is there to me
That You can touch
me so? O, how
Deeply joined can
this union be?
I desire You
in all these ways.
Come, let Us make
Our beds as one:
Let Us become
melded so that
My heart will beat
Your blood and Your
Thoughts fill my soul,
so that this "me"
Is part of You.
How deeply does
This innermost
Love of Ours go?


I have taken the Dark One as Husband.
It was the right thing to lay myself down
Naked at His feet, burning passion's heat.
Now I carry Him deeply within me
As I wander to and fro in this life.
I am ever joined in conjugal joy,
Surrendered in this ecstatic union!

I Am Mandir

I am the temple of my Beloved:
Flowers are arrayed all around,
Your image erect within my breast,
Shades of incense rise as the sweet
Echoes of Harinaama fill this hall,
Pulsing gentle courses amid
Cardial beats of awakened Love.
Take my offering, Lord, upon
This altar of my sacrificial Love
Given by arms longing to hold
The truest form of divine Love at
The Ending of all things possible.

I Am That

I feel it within myself:
the lover giving way to the Beloved.
There are no words defining
passions in singular moments of union.
There is only a knowing:
the eternal presence of Our lovemaking
Stretching out far beyond these
vast expanses of silence: I am That.


I see You, Beloved!
Your leg wrapped around me,
my leg around You;
You enter me
and give Your seed.
I feel You deep within--
I know You are there.
You have taken me:
I am Yours!


Words come and they go for words
can never express what I
profoundly experience.
In the dance of human thought
nothing lasts but the feeling
You plant deeply inside me.
I am left to wonder what
can be said to anyone
who does not already know.


Krishna upon these lips,
Krishna upon this tongue,
Krishna between these breasts--
Dwelling within this soul.
I become more and more
Yours with each passing day.

I halve the distance with
Each act of Love and yet,
Beloved, I need You
To take me by the hand
And step over the line
into infinity.


As if We had ever
been separated,
You fused this 'me' to You
and never again
Shall maya part what has
always been just One.
Can anyone remove
haldi from cooked rice?
All the lover can do
is just lay back and
Enjoy her Beloved:
He has come for me!

Inner Rhythm

Inside of me,
Inside of me,
There is only You
Deeply inside,
Deeply inside.

Inside of me,
Inside of me,
I only think 'You'
Deeply inside,
Deeply inside.

Inside of me,
Inside of me,
All I am is You
Deeply inside,
Deeply inside.


These breasts are offered to my Love
as ripened fruits,
This hair ready for the scent in
His gentle touch,
My yoni given in the heat
of Our passion;
I surrender all to have You,
O Seed-giver!

Inside of Me

Beloved, I wait for You.
On cool winter nights under
The silver light of the moon,
I scan the distance for You.
In the incense-filled hollows
Of my room, I wait for You.
Walking crowded city streets,
I turn and I look for You.
In the quiet echoes of
Empty shrines, I wait for You.
In the silence of my soul,
I surrender to Presence.

Through all of my search for You,
I find all I need do is
Open my eyes still wider,
Just enough for the windows
Of my soul to open and
I see: You were always there.
Everywhere I had looked,
There You were and here You are.
You had never left my side.
You are here inside of me!
You are unity of all:
We exist as one Being.


Don't make too shallow a deed
as a point of grace with Him.
All true lovemaking is with
pornographic intention!
He intends to strip all who
approach Him for amrita
And when He impales you don't
say that you didn't know this!
The price you pay is more than
you can ever earn so all
You have to do is die and
become total consciousness.

In This Love

I've had my play in the sun,
I've had my share of suffering;
Now that I've found You, I know
No sensual delights are worth
More separation from You.
It is over now. I am whole,
Joyously ever with You.
Never more such sadness, no more
Self-indulgence--only You
As I surrender in this Love.


He made me to fit Him like a glove
and though I have consciousness,
I am joined to Him, wrapt around Him
in such intimate detail.
I draw His breath, feel His burning in
surrounding Him, I keep these,
His fingers, warmed with His divine Love.

Into the Night

Like a mist in the night,
We stole away for Our secret congress:
A furtive passion brings
Us purest joy and an end to longing.
Now I kneel before You
for whatever You, Beloved, desire.
Open my eyes to see
what You lovingly determine for me.
As a transparent soul,
all that was once me now fades into night.

Into You

You made me a part of You,
making love to me
as no one had done before.
You made the world far less of
a reality
as I found new existence.
You surround me in Your Love
while I walk this world:
looking, I fade into You.

It Comes Through

My yoni comes through sometimes
and I dance naked in front
of the world,
My breasts sway and my feet shift
in my ecstatic frenzy--
this wild trance!
My hair tosses about while
I make love to every
thing in sight.
I cannot withhold myself
from You, Beloved, for I
desire You!
I end this blessed night in
beholding You, gyrating
before You,
Daring You to take me once
again to Your sweet soft bed
and let my
Yoni come through the maya
to reality in Your

I've Got It Huge

I've got a huge vagina--
A huge God-shaped yoni,
Waiting for You.
All I have to do is
bow low before You,
Your name in my heart,
and upon my lips,
To take You within!


Beloved, I look at You and the ice melts.
You puncture me now with the goads of love and
Calling me gently, You take me by the hand,
Past the trials of life on to eternity.
Far we go, shedding my clothing piece by piece
Until all that is left is lovely, naked
Me, arrayed in desire for You and bejeweled
With a smile given to You. Come and let Us
Recline in the joyous union of Lovers.
In all these moments, I lift my heels for You.


All I have
To do is
Think of You
Within me
And the fire
Comes raging
Up my spine
To blast a
Hole straight through
This brain up
To the stars.

Kaanta Bhava

We wrestle as One in
the passions of Our Love.
Eagerly We entwine
farther within each Self,
Trailing limb within limb,
heart within beating heart,
Until so entangled
that We can no longer
Be separated One
from Another. This is
The tender purpose of
such conjugal bhava.

Kali Haiku

One day, world leaders
shall walk out of the councils
of war, laughing hard.

Know Him

You will know Him
when you are at peace
And all of life
is as the mirrored surface
Of a serene lake.

You will know Him
when He awakes you
As you never
have been awakened before
Nor ever again.

You will know Him
when you shall know Love
As you never
have previously known Love:
Without boundaries.

You will know Him
as the guiding hand
Leading you through
life as abiding Presence,
If one but discerns.

You will know Him
through true surrender
To a Lover
Who will never let you go,
Even in maya.

You will know Him
walking through darkness
Into the light
of His Presence so to dwell
In absolute Love.


How can I keep one secret
from You?
How can I keep my knowing
And these irrepressible
smiles from
Stealing the day? I cannot.
I am
Completely in Your hands, the
Treasure kept safely until
the time
Of Our union came to be

Seeing through the sentiment,
I laugh!


How do I explain these quiet
moments between Us?
Beyond words, beyond reference:
just silent knowing
And fulfillment deep within of
all I ever hoped.
You are all one can truly know
of this existence.

Knowledge of Union

My Love, these breasts have swollen with
the grasping of play and
My nipples are red as roses
from Your pinches and bites.
This yoni awakens to You
as I am made ready:
The wetness slickens all for this,
Your touch and firm thrusting.
This all, Dear, as my back arches
in the final joining
When ego slips away in such
knowledge of Our union.

Krishna Eyes

I look into your eyes
and love.
Though your eyes be brown,
blue or green,
I do not shrink, for
I see Krishna!

Krishna Tantra

My breasts are hot and sweaty to the touch,
for I have offered them up to You.
My yoni drips with passionate desire
for I am Your dwelling in this place.
This whole vessel rattles as Your shakti
rages through arching channels of fire.
You have awakened with Your mere touch and
all I can do is stare lidlessly
As You release me from material
attachment to freedom in such Love.


Love is Our secret language,
Whispered through the heart or in
Offering You my body.
No words are needed nor are
Any given--just the tense,
Passionate cries in the depths
Of the night and the endless
Longing of the day. O You!
Just You. My Beloved is
All I really want or need.
You are the meaning of Love.

Late at Night

Shyam! Oh my beautiful One!
I lay, tossing and turning
Late at night, clutching the pillow--
Naked and calling Your Name.
Why do You not come?
I love You so, O Dark One!
Do not delay. I wait for You.


No more foolishness:
I will no longer be deceived--
the games are over.
No more will 'pleasure'
Satisfy me again for You
are all I desire;
Nor can I enjoy
As I once did, blind and fumbling
amid such sorrow.
Take my hand now, Dear,
For now I see what You had been
keeping out of view.
Eyes open, I am
Dancing by Your side as We laugh
over it all now.
The hand's been played and
The game finished since the whole joke
has been on this 'me'.
Dear sisters, let go,
Trusting His arms to catch you as
all passes from you--
Falling serenely
Into Love divinely appointed,
knowing Him truly.


Death! O such sweet, sweet death I await!
I am now slain by these eyes of Love.
Laying cradled in Your caresses
Whilst my breathing becomes shallow and
These eyes roll up in Shakti's risings.
Let this fire burn and let it release!
Driven mad by this world, blinded with
Maya, I go to the sword-wielder.
O Golden Avatar, with each thrust,
I become more of Your very own.
Trembling and shaking violently,
I take my last physical breaths and
I am freed in this fathomless Love,
Given to Your slave girl. Surrendered
To You, death takes hold of her. Now she
Freely runs to all You have promised!

Light of Love So Bright

O Krishna,
What strange times I live in,
What odd things surround me!
Who am I that You Love me so,
And why am I subject to the vagaries
of a heartless world?
Shyam! Your Light shines
through my blindness,
Your Love guides me
through the long, black night.
Take me now!
I have pledged myself to You.

Like Poetry

You move like poetry
through speckled starry skies,
between soft silken sheets,
into my very soul.
You whisper like the breeze
in the warm summer night,
under the full moon's gaze,
as hot breath in my ear.
You touch like falling snow,
a gentle crystal trace
upon my grateful cheeks,
in calm, joyous contact.
We love as wild lovers,
moving in one rhythm
in passionate embrace,
like perfect poetry.


How do I tell of Your beauty to another?
The brilliant incandescence of Love burns my mind.
Your flowing raven-black hair and Your midnight form
Maddens what is left of 'sanity' and all that
I am left is the passion I turn towards You.
You pick all Your lovers as lillies in a field,
Blossoming in the fulness of preparation:
Come, Beloved, I yield to Your most skillful hand.
Lay me down now into tender arms as I die
To find new life in Your ever-loving bosom.
My Husband, take what is really Yours for I have
Passed beyond all that I did once call me or mine.


Beloved, when shall I be surrounded
by Your arms again?
I awake in the middle of the night,
calling out Your Name.
My soul longs for You while my body burns
in sweet passion's flame.
Beloved, come home to me! You are the
apple of my eye.

In moments of reflection, I feel Our
inmost connection,
Knowing You are always there to touch me
in Your tender Love.
This burning desire appears when I am
blinded by my fears;
Remembering to give myself to You,
I surrender all.

Open! Open my wings and fly the winds
of Your loving bliss,
Straight through the depths of passion into the
union of Our bed.
What do I care for the rest of the world
except to know You,
To see You in the secrets of nature,
the beauty of life?


See, there is Krishna in His Majesty
as the dark mighty cloud
before the storm.
Look, here is Krishna as a beautiful
flower full of colour
before my eyes.
Watch Him scatter as a hundred baby
spiders out from beneath
the fount of life.
Behold Krishna in the miracle of
spring shoots awakening
at winter's end.
See Krishna making love to the bereft,
waking His beloved
with Shakti's fire.
Look under this skin to see Krishna as
His most favoured of Selves:
Being of Love.
In all His many ways, my Beloved
blesses me with many
wonders of life.

Look at the Vast Sky

I am falling upward, letting go of all
that holds me to this world and life
experienced in the dark.
All that I once was is now as autumn leaves,
swirling in the gathering night,
surrendering to the wind.
Following my Beloved, I am made free
of the 'me' that haunted life and
all I attempted to do.
Now I am made complete in Him, forever
Loving Him as all I am is
found in my Lover's embrace.


Hark! What is this?
Radha has lost herself in Love.
Do not despair:
I am fading into His arms.
I am given
totally to Him and who knows?
is given only to the dead.
Radha is now
simple breath lost in His gale and
She awaits Him
in the union of soul and soul.
There is no more
a difference in Love's ocean.
Hark! What is this?
Radha has lost herself in Love.

Love Haiku

There's no me. There's no
you. There's only Krishna: That
which is only Love.

Love Note

What I have done that I suffer so?
Hammered on the anvil of life, I
Gradually yield, letting go bit by
tiny bit all desire for this world.
Take me into Your precious arms as
I surrender all I know to Your Love.

Loving Krishna upon the Public Square

Krishna, I see copious shoots
of pearly silver drops
Jetting upward in defiance
of gravity's pull
Dancing and scintillating
in sunlight's embrace
Before they fall dispassionately
upon the floor.
My Love, how endless
is Your bounty!
I hunger for Your sweet essence
To inseminate the deepest
recesses of my being,
As You coyly smile at
my lusty admiration.
Funny how the simplest of joys
Can be found in the guise
of a public fountain!

Loving Union

I want to bare my breasts to You
and wrap hungry legs around You!
I want to draw You within and
make this ecstatic love with You!
Oh, to give You all of me and
to present You all things in this
Wondrous labour of Love until
all know of this union within.


You are the Seed-giver, my Love,
and I am the Seed-carrier;
Wrapping legs around You, I bear
the stars in complete surrender
For that I am is found in this,
the moment: this luminescence.
You are all I could ever hope
and all I can experience
For in giving birth to You, Truth
is found in this Love We now share.

Made to Love

I was made to love You through
this flowering of my soul.
You enter me and bring such
ecstatic joy colouring
The world with the aroma
of divine Love. Come, my Love,
And take my hand to lead me
to Your bed while I give You
All that I once was and all
that I shall ever be to
Know You in wondrous union.
I was made for this promise.


Sometimes I stood out in storms
just to see if I could
catch a glimpse of You.
Now I know to look deeply
within me to feel such
presence of Your Love.
Clouds of darkened blue or Light
unfolding within light
are paths to Your bed.

I surrender all to You,
My Lover, just to know
supreme lovemaking.
Mad to have Your lovemaking,
I will do all You ask
in sublime assent.
Nothing measures up to You
for You are the utmost
giver of pleasure!

Now when I see darkened clouds,
I know You are there and
see You all around.
When I look deeply within
I know connection forged
in divine union.
Your bed is motivation,
bringing Your lovers to
supreme ecstasy.


How beautifully You Love me
in the calm massage of soul
By Your throbbing kundalini,
to the wonder of passion’s
Thrashing in profound lovemaking--
all to bring such ecstasy
Into the unreality
of this material life.
The beauty of Your Being shows
in all of creation as
I peacefully lay myself into
the embrace of Loving arms.

Making It

Anyone can make it
with Krsna but
You have to be ready
to pay the cost:
Death--complete loss of self.
Then hold on for
The wild ride. Hold Him close
while He plunges
In you even farther.
Soon you will find
You are grasping to pull
Him in deeper
For there's no going back:
you're now a new
Creature, made to be with
Him forever,
Loving the One Who is
the total of
All you now understand.
You're part of Him.


I was in Your temple today
and bowed low before You.
I knew myself to be Yours
in truth before You.
Blest to have Your darshan,
my heart pranams to You.

To use my eyes to worship You,
worship Your fragrance,
To taste Your merciful prasad,
and greet Your devotees,
My very feet were graced
by Your tender Love.

Sweet Beloved, how beautiful You are
in Your loving care
To open a door to paradise for
mere mortals to pass
And fall passionately,
deeply in Love with You.


Jesus, Buddha, Allah--
these are faces
Painted on a mask that
God must wear to
Protect us from ourselves.
Surrender all
To Him and you shall know


When a person speaks, she cannot hear.
Thus, as a person matures
she grows more
and more


When really understood,
Even dung is a divine miracle.
How much more then are you?
Cast even your desire for Him
Into the cleansing fires of Love.
Then He shall remake You
Into what you truly are.


Shyam, when You first loved me,
You gave me true freedom.
Down to my prison cell,
You broke out the lock and
Quietly laid the key
to the door in my hand.
You left the way open
but this 'I' must gather
Courage to walk through it.

On this, Our kusha bed,
turn these eyes to heaven,
Exhale the final OM
and fly to existence
Unfettered by these bonds:
for 'I' carry all I
Need: You, my Beloved.
Fly now, fly away home
To One that is true Love.


I am standing on
the corner of here and now:
He is within me
and consciousness flies toward
The immeasurable while
all that I am is found in
The breath I draw and
the silence of the moment.


The full moon shone through my window this night,
Casting a silver glow upon my cheeks,
Reminding me of Our nights together
Wrestling amid the throes of passion,
Yoking loving souls together as One.


Nothing can affect me
if I live outside of 'me'.
Can a cage hold the wind?
Can a pot hold the ocean?
I am more than these
for I know He is within.

Morning Sickness

Beloved, when You knocked me up,
You never told me about this!
Reeling, I regurgitate this,
the world and all that I have been.
How much more, my Love? How long, now,
before I shall be delivered?
All I am left caring about
is the seed You left within me.


I have been changing from what I was
to something I have always known.
He is here, within, these arms and these,
my legs, changing all that I was.
What was once me saw the change from this
walking death to true life in Him
As form and spirit became what I
am from the beginning of time.
My Beloved has freed me from these
illusions as I know myself
As He always knew from before time,
freed from maya's permutations.

My Feet Softly Tread

My feet softly tread upon dewy grass,
As I go to wait for You, patiently.
I call for You and You do not come!

I lay clad in sky beneath the glow
Of a full moon’s silvery bowl.
Come, Beloved, I am ready for You!

Passion roils beneath the stars as
You arrive filled with fervent heat:
I clutch You tightly with naked feet!

My Offering

I offer myself to You,
Body and spirit, as
prasad upon Your lips.
Drink up! Empty this
cup of clay. I yield
My form 'til I bathe
You with rivers of passion.
Slide Yourself deep within
and take Your pleasure!
I bow down to kiss Your feet,
and feel Your viscous Seed
Lubricate my clasping thighs.

Mystery Mine

O Krishna, What can
compare to the mystery
of Your Love?
How can I plumb
the depths of the passion that has
made the two become one?
I want nothing more
than to feel the fountain
of Your Love plunge deep within;
I want to feel the mighty rushing
of Your seed to fill
the whole of my being.
I want to wrap my legs
around You in
passionate embrace,
As You press against me
and I whisper of
my everlasting Devotion.
Indeed, what can compare to
Our Love, the passionate embrace,
and this soul-yielding desire?
Krishna, I bow before You,
in worship and devotion,
giving all before You.
The illusions all melt
before my eyes.
I am Yours.


Krishna, I strip myself
naked before You.
You desire nothing else:
not ego, not attachments,
Just pure passionate love,
desire for only You.
Take me to Your bed, Shyam!
I am Yours: naked and
Ready for eternity
in Your loving embrace.

Naked Beauty

Dance naked before Him--
sing of passionate Love,
In the heated rhythm
of enraptured being.
He takes me as I am,
pure spirit clothed in flesh
Fervent only for Him.
Naked I come to Him,
Naked I now dance, for
He desires all beauty.


I stand naked before Him,
and in nakedness He loves me.
I am now completely His:
He does with me as He desires.
I will chant His name until
He holds me in His arms again.
I chant 'til reality
comes swirling around me and all
I know is His Loving eyes,
gazing upon my naked form.

Nighttime Bright

Bathe me in the nighttime bright,
Set ablaze by the fire You
Started deeply within me,
A luminous memory
Of Our amorous union.
Come soothe me in the silky
Tresses of a full moon's light,
Witness to a new bride's joy
Of nuptial satisfaction.
Under the canopy of
A banyan tree find me spread
On a Yogi's kusha bed,
Urgingly led by the hand
To an eternity with
The glorious midnight Form.

No Blasphemy

Some seekers need to praise while
others need familiarity.
It makes no difference as
long as the heart is drawn into
Loving Me. I do not need
lovers or praise but only to
Guide each one into the way
she is to go for even the
Angry screaming soul shaking
a fist at Me is actually
Seeking an answer to life.
I give to all in proper time.
From Yaakob to Meera, these
all have come into My Presence;
The only blasphemy is
to never struggle with this Self.
Surrender into all that
I am to find what truly is.

No Words Are

Thing I say
About You
Is a lie.
No words are
Our union
Is real Love.
We are That.


Not long after We first made love,
I was found in Your asana
Crazed, out of my animal head.
Now I find Your shakti prowling
Over the wilds of this body
shredding what was this 'decency'
Until all that is left is me,
Your she-lion, fiercely burning,
Far in the twilight of ego.
Come, Nrisingha, let Us love 'til dawn!


Your Name is like sweet wine,
intoxicating the hungry soul
wandering the wastes of maya.
Your Name is an ocean
swallowing the bathing soul only
to drown each in a sea of bliss.
Your Name is endless sex:
engulfing You in my obsession,
You fill me with rapturous fire.


Much can be learned from
many revered teachers,
But here is the greatest
lesson of all lessons:
Go lose yourself in
that great Ocean of Love.


Your fingers trace my areolas
like my following
You around the fire.
Paint me darkly with Your colour for
I am spread before
You as fine paper.
You even bewitch Kama himself--
what chance do I have
in matters of Love?

Your knowing touch is as searing fire:
I arch my back like
flowers in the rain.
I am on fire in this Love of You,
dissolving as ash
in conflagration.
Take me for I am ever Your own:
given to You in
total sacrifice.

One Consciousness

I love that feeling of
losing control of this body
When You love me deeply
and the fire crawls up this body--
Cleansing fire, holy fire:
fire of intoxicating Love.
Ego dies by this Love,
awakening Self to Our union:
Reality as One
consciousness joined in Love's fire,
A surrender yielded
in the passions of Your bed
As control is lost and
all I know, Beloved, is You.


He gives me Him to ride so all
I know is Him as
My hair flows past me in waves
and my Beloved
Rocks me in this dance of life,
piercing my soul as
Ecstasy fills me in this
knowledge of union.
Forget the 'me' for all that
matters is Him and
All meaning is in giving
self away to Him.

Only Reason

My only reason for living is You.
My reason for dying is You.
You are all that matters to me.
You are everything I touch,
Everything I see and all I taste.
My way through the maya is You.
I await Our union: How long?
The one thing truly real is You.

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On the Way to the Dance

Some seek to condemn me
While others shake their head
At seeming poverty.
All of them are wrong for
The way of Mirabai
Deceives all who do not
Passionately Love Him.
Never have I been more
Awake than when inflamed
By this consuming Love!

Sing, my soul, sing for He
Arrives to take me to
His bed and remake me
Into a companion
Able to dwell with Him.
Passion fuels the forge as
All that I once was is
Burned in the fires of this
Supreme Love of Krishna.
"Take me! I am Your Own!"

Wet from His Lovemaking,
You may think me shameful
But I am on fire by
A Touch you do not know.
Manjari, go and serve
Him in all of your Love
But do not condemn That
You do not understand.
Open your eyes and see
Radha-Krsna in me!

Open Door

My heart has become an open door
through which You enter and illuminate my soul.
My soul has become the soft, sweet bed
on which You teach me true unconditional Love.
My mind has become an even path
over which You and I walk to liberation.

You touch, You love, You free the willing
heart of all separation from Reality.
Come, Beloved, take me by the hand
as we run through the forest to the clearing and
You lay me down upon silken grass
to love me in the revealing light of freedom.

An open door that was once my heart
is the passageway to everlasting Being.
The lucent fire of Love has now
replaced the form once imagined as human soul.
The way of true Being has replaced
the door separating maya from total Truth.

Open My Legs

Every time I surrender
another thing to You,
It is as if I have opened
my legs for Your loving:
I bring You so much closer that
You're all I know of me.
I die to have You deep within
for You are all desire.


This body and this ego mean less and less:
blinded by maya,
they end in death.
Look inside Self to find Him deeply within
and know true Being
comprised of light.
Go farther and touch Him to feel the heat of
a Love so profound,
the moment stops.
Let go of drama: burn in this fire of Love
while nature pauses
in the silence.

Perfected in Love

I have been with the Best,
not just once but several times.
What more now do I want?
just to surrender to Your care.
You will finish what You
have started so deeply within
And bring me to Your side
perfected in Love tried by fire.


Beloved, how long did I try? How long
did You await my failure in trying
So hard to reach You, hurting myself so?
O how I ached at the effort and my
Utter failure to reach You, Beloved.
I was the cross and You, Love, were the nail.
I could not live for all I knew were lies--
sadly, slowly, slipping away from this
Life futilely led and painfully lived.
Now I lie gleefully on Our bed for
You took me as Yours once I gave myself
away-- as a gift that only You could
Touch, making me as I was meant to be,
surrendered in absolute ecstasy.
Take heed, dear ones, for He does not care for
piousness but a reckless abandon:
Perfection is not found in religion
but a soul's total surrender to Him.


Chandan is Your Scent,
Rose is mine.
Chandan, a mighty tree
reaching high,
Like His arms lifting
Rose, sweet soft petals
Drawing Him, to my
ready lips!

The perfume of Our
Is the sweetest kind
One can know.
Beloved, take me
in Your arms:
Love me beyond my
wildest dreams,
As incense rises
to heaven.


The best poetry is spoken
without words
In the quiet moments between
You and me.
These eternal moments exist
in the depths
Of passion and lovemaking when
You enter me
And silence of intimacy
becomes the
Reality of souls merging
into One.

Beyond words, beyond the limits
of maya,
We scale the walls of humanness
to a new
Perception of Reality:
Being as
Love, written on the complete Self
where words can
Only hint of sublime knowledge
gained in the
Wondrous convergence of the Two
into One.

Portions of Grace

As an extra portion of Your Grace,
You gave me life, breath, and a heart
desiring to deeply know You.

As an extra portion of Your Grace,
You gave me sadness, suffering
and worldly disillusionment.

As an extra portion of Your Grace,
You gave me a driven soul, one
willing to bow low before You.

As an extra portion of Your Grace,
You gave me the solution to
my hungry desire to love You.

As an extra portion of Your Grace,
You opened my legs and filled me
with Your rapturous lovemaking.

As an extra portion of Your Grace,
You filled me with love so very
deep I can never find an end.

As an extra portion of Your Grace,
You take away my blindness and
give me light enough to see You.

As an extra portion of Your Grace,
You gave me joy without end as
We join together as one Soul.


You are the Enjoyer
and I am the enjoyed.
What definition is
better for this, Our Love?
As the glove for Your hand,
let me surround You now
In this surrender to
effulgence of being!


Beloved, take me into Your arms.
I desire solely to surround You,
Bury You deep and meld into You.

What more do I need? You--only You.
That is all I require anymore
In this material existence.

Prema Bhoga

I surrender myself to You.
I surrender to all You have for me.
I surrender to Existence.

I am inside Our union.
I exist in Our lovemaking.
I hold You within
these trembling arms,
between uplifted legs
    within lubricious lips;
Your lingam inside
my receptive yoni.
Your seed is within Our
Joyous ecstatic union.
We are One.

Surrendered in That:
I am Your very own. O breathe,
Awakened to You.

Primal Cause

Words are no longer necessary--
the wildness of a hungry look,
the fire of Mother Shakti and
We are joined for this moment in time
all without thought, all without words:
just the knowing of Our union
In the eternal Love We now share.
Breathless, shaking and burning, I
fall into Your caressing arms.


This is what life is all about:
to fall so in love with Him
that He cannot resist you.
When you come to know Him, it will
be as if for the first time:
Then all things become renewed.

Rabbi Akiva

Come, Beloved, and peel back
the layers until You find
That which cannot be peeled and
recover what You planted
so deeply within, my Love:
waiting for the moment when
You and I face each other
in totality to learn
the meaning of divine Love.

Radha's Passion

"Radha, go and do this,"
You beckon me.
I go and run to do
what You desire.
"But Radha, I want you
to go farther"--
Surrender a bit more
so all that's left
Is the 'me' that You take
into Your bed.

Raga of Love

Let this body dissolve in the raga of Love--
dancing, turning, ecstatic, in surrendering
To the voice of my Beloved as the true Joy
permeates my soul. The Beloved and I are
Joined at the union of music and the hearing.
The Beloved is moving within as the notes
Sound from His most darling flute. See me fade as all
I was becomes One melody at the last beat.

Rain Haiku

When rain falls on me
it is as if Your tender
kisses sprinkle me.


I love coming out at dusk
to see darkened clouds contrast
against the fading daylight.
There I see Your colour, Shyam,
midnight blue amid the blonds
and golds of the western sky.
Each joy gives Your shakti as
does each reminder of You.
All beauty I see is Yours.
Each thing experienced is
a new-found definition
of joyous love within me.
I cannot stop the rasa for
I am Yours in this wild dance--
each moment brings new colour.


I am incarnation
of the divine Feminine.
I am Mother Bhaga
splayed for insemination.
I am joined to You in
eternal copulation
That always is Our Love:
We are that reality.
We have always been
yielded to the Seed-giver.
We have always been
as Radha joined to Krsna.
We have always been
intimately joined as One.

Real Magic

Countless lives in the sea of tears:
I wandered in the wilderness,
lost in all of this suffering!
How did You find me and touch so
deeply within a heart that was
desperate for an end to this?
The walls are now crumbling and the
bricks are turning into dust for
the power of Love is stronger
Than flesh, than the searing pain or
the darkness of mayic living.
Oh Beloved! How I want this,
The magic promised to all that
dare to Love beyond the limits
of dreams and illusions of night.


My reason for living
is You;
My reason for dying
is You.
You are all that matters
to me.
You are everything
I touch--
All I see and all that
I taste.
My way through the maya
is You.
My Love, I wait for You:
how long?
The one thing truly real
is You.


The passionate intensity of Love
When You are pulsating inside of me
Has me dropping to all fours to focus
Fully on what You are doing to me.
I feel myself slowly slipping away,
Dieing in the feverish embrace of
Insemination. There is only You:
I am the yoni to hold Your seed as
All that I become is Love Incarnate.


Instead of licking my wounds
like an animal,
I want to be awake and
receive the gift
Of humanity from Your
beautiful hand.
I have now given birth to
the seed You left
Planted deeply within me.
For the first time
Sentient consciousness is
present moment
And I am myself, dear One:
hand in hand with
You, I recognise myself
as luminous.

Sacred Centre

Where do I go when the pressures
of unconsciousness hurt me so?
How do I free myself from these
shackles of the material?
Run! Run to the shelter of this
shrine residing deeply within
The sacred centre of my soul.
There I find You, my Beloved,
As I pranam tenderly in
surrender to Your supreme Love.
There You take me into Your arms,
bringing Us eternal union.

Sacred Rhythms

You reached out through the maya
and You made love to me.
All You do is so perfect:
Your seed is alive within.
Giving birth to You, dear One,
I hold you at my breast
To know sweet intimacy
nurse as I watch You grow.
Now as I grow old, my Love,
You take me by the hand
Walking through maya's veil back
to Our garden bed to
Know You as for the first time:
with perfect clarity.

Just as a sprouting seed casts
aside the hull, awake
From desert dreams to Being
with You in verdant green.
Note the rhythms of life
that become cycles and
In awaking become new
for purpose is revealed
While the rhythms of life are
sanctified in the great
Sacred pounding between these
outstretched and burning legs.
Knowing You in all things, life
becomes sacred rhythm.

Dance a new rhythm, caught in
the wonder of rasa:
Our Beloved takes us now
by the hand to secret
Paths down by the water's edge,
in soul's true surrender
As all we once knew is burned
in fires of renewal.
New creatures we truly stand
freed from the old rhythms
For throbbing truths never known
'til the day we first loved:
Sacred rhythms, bold and strong,
frees both the soul and song.


I do not approach the altar empty-handed;
I come to give the greatest gift
that an 'I' can give You: myself.

I do not come with little trinkets to beg such
small favours of the other gods:
I have come for total union!

Strip away all so that 'I' will know You in fires
burning in a body not mine--
undulating in sacrifice.

Beloved, let Us Love until eternity's
end has passed and I am found joined
to You at the final moment.


The world is insane with bloody
wars and rumours of wars;
A searing conflagration sweeps
this material realm.

Come and take refuge in His Love:
surrender your madness
To find the better way outside
of this "I", "me", and "mine".

Go past Kali Ma's bloodlust to
find Her great compassion:
Serenity that will ever
abide deeply within.

Saturday Night

I was dancing with You, O Beloved,
to 'China Cat Sunflower' and I wonder
Just how it is You Love me so even
when I groove just that-a-way? O how I stared
At You, eye to eye, and I knew We are
together in this complex rasa named life;
My sweat mixing with that look of Your Love
and we are floating through those boundaries called
'Real' world and 'You-and-me': it is just Us--
You are inside me and I am inside You.
The dreams of my previous lives are now
found in You and all that I am is fulfilled.


For so long I have searched for You,
fumbling in the darkness of night.
Now, Beloved, You shine out as
brilliance of the morning sunlight,
Illuminating my soul far
more than these mortal eyes behold.
Now I can see Your vast beauty,
emanating all around me.
O my Lover, my soul's Delight!
You found me and made me Your Own!


I have seen myself
within myself.
I am remade in Your
ideal of beauty.

I feel You within
my very self.
I know this feeling as
my union with You.

I have seen Your light
within others.
You are ever-present
Fire in all beings.

You, in Loving me,
opened my eyes
For the first time and now
what I see is Love.

Seven Affirmations

I am infinite patience
for I see Krsna.
I am absolute love
for I am joined to Krsna.
I am the ultimate renunciate
for all I desire is Krsna.
I am fulfilled in Him
for Krsna desires me.
I am true ecstasy for I am
forever making love to Krsna.
I have finished with karma
for I do all for Him.
I am completed in Him
for He is my ultimate destiny.


Shalom, salaam, shanti--
all written on the wall,
Buried deep in its cracks
and scrawled upon all hearts.
I would that all could read
and know of this, Your grace.

Shameless Beauty

Seek to learn the secrets of devotion
from the most humble of His Lovers:
consider all they do to love Him.
The lotus lays surrendered before Him,
succulent petals of naked tint
privileged to bear His wondrous feet.
The mimosa is high with all askew:
pink bathed in shameless scented beauty,
an inner nature exposed to all.
Radiant in her love, Tulsi Devi
displays stark nobility that Shyam
honours in His unwavering Love.
Seek to be who you are for in this Love
of Him each being excels in what
devotion they are fashioned to give.


To take You between my legs
and hold You within these arms
Is like fire upon the wind:
there is no resolution--
Just silence and sudden death.
You deftly spread these lips for
You are already within.
You open the emptiness
Found in the centre of Self,
urging me to delve deeply.


Quick! Lose yourself to gain Yourself!
Run and jump off of that bridge.
Die. The Beloved will make love
to you and only then will
You know what true love is. Embrace
this death to know what life is.
Ecstasy will climb and will burn
a hole into your brain and
Then all you will know is thirst while
wandering and calling Him.
At the end, you will know there is
no end--only His vast Love.
The dark One will make such love that
all you can do is stare out
Into the eyes of Love. Die the
ultimate death for this is
The only way to His bed. Die
to know Shyamasundara.

Shyam, I'm the One

Beloved Shyam,
It's me, I'm the one who
You've made love to,
Bringing me to ecstasy.

O Beautiful One,
It's me, I'm the one who
Enjoys Your loving touch,
Your joyful attentions.

Most Noble Gopala,
It's me, I'm the one who
Has followed You from
Bed to bed in passion!

Loving Govinda,
It's me, I'm the one who
Has stayed Your hand,
Denying Your pleasure!

O Gracious Krishna,
It's me, I'm the one who
Begs You not to stop
Your loving any longer!

Mohan, sweetest Lover,
It's me, I'm the one who
Holds You close to me
Forever having You.

Silence Orgasms

Be quick, my soul, and surrender
yet more to Him--
My Lover, a cunning artiste,
has taught me to
Turn denial into pleasure!
Give all to Him,
O my soul, to know more of these
orgasms in
The silent moments between Us.


I am Your property:
I sold myself to You,
For the pleasure You give--
that joy of union as
Wife and lover. For me,
there can only be You.


The stains of Our lovemaking
wet my mind and soak my heart.
Feverish and babbling, I
stumble through this thing called life.
I am altogether Yours
as night belongs to Chandra.
See--my soul is dyed midnight;
My Lover, what more is there?
I carry You place to place
and, yet, why do I draw breath?

Here You are and there You are
but I weep at my blindness,
For I still sift through this chaff
to seek What is so precious.
I lay spread before You to
know That which already is,
And to die to self so I
feel what I already know.
Release me, my Beloved:
I desire to dwell with You.


His Love has stolen me
away from my own self
And I do not know when
I shall ever be found.
Gopala has taken
what is now His and has
Broken me into so
many pieces--what shall
I do? My Beloved
has revealed the jewel
Within and I ever
shall be His fancy now,
Safely kept in the palms
of His encircling hands.


For so many years, I chased after You.
I spent all the years of my youth looking.
When I found You, You took and ravished me;
Now I have this venereal disease--
Burning, shaking, my hair standing on end,
And I am stricken with world-weariness!
I am out of my mind most days now and
I wander the shambles like a drunkard.
I cannot eat from the troughs I used to.
Beloved, come back! You've forgotten something
Amidst all of Your travels--You left me!
Take me to Your side and never, ever,
Let me go again! You have promised me.

Sub Ek

Sweet, sweet fire,
Love's harbinger:
Flame of sweetest joy,
filling my soul
With ecstasy's song!
Krishna! Krishna!
O You are that fire,
burning, searing
This karma away.
O my Beloved,
I bow before You,
clean and made pure:
Pulsing consciousness
readied for You;
As You fill me so,
ecstasy evermore
Shall I truly know,
joined now to You
As only one soul.

Sublimely Wet

Surrender is the lubricant
that makes His lovemaking
sensuously sublime.
Follow Him to His bed but be
willing to pay His price
with your very life!
Lay down all desire and your will
and He shall lift you high
upon His thrusts;
Then enfold Your legs around Him
to draw Him deeper still
in eternal embrace.

Sun Haiku

The sun appears and
Snow melts. Then comes delight for
Giridhari's home!

Sunlight & Stormclouds

I used to prefer the dark
storm-cloudy days,
To cover the darkness deep
within a heart dieing
of suffocation.
Now, I prefer the bright
sunshine of a wind-fresh
Bathed in the hope brought
by absolute love.
The stormclouds still
bring me solace
For they display
Shyam's dusky colour,
While sunlight brings
His radiant beauty
Clearer into my adoring

Surrending Myself

His Grace is sufficient
in all things.
His Mercy is sufficient
in all things.
His great Love is sufficient
in all things.
I bow down before My Beloved,
for He is my all-in-all.
He is sufficient
in all things.
I bow down and offer
Him my all.
There is no greater pleasure.

Sweet Acceptance

I used to complain and wrestle
with each inconvenience,
Struggling just to accept what is.

Now, Beloved, I give each of
these moments to You in
Such sweet and sacred surrender.

Like Our lovemaking, my Love, such
precious intimacy:
The wider I spread loving legs,

The better it becomes!

Sweet Surrender

Krishna, I give You my life, my body, my soul,
To do with me as You will....
I surrender to You all of my desires and attachments,
My karma and the fruit of my labour--
All of it belongs to You now.

I bow before You and Love You so...
My body trembles before You and my tears flow:
You have inseminated me with Your love-force!
Bring me to You soon, my sweet Beloved.

Sweet Yeah

I love Your sly smiles,
how You say Your 'Yeah'
And the way You turn
when You play the flute.
I love that burning
intensity with
Which You love me when
You touch me so that
All I can do is
trail every step
Longing for that next
sacred look from You.

Take Care

I asked Him to take away
what was left of ego
And He has given me sorrow,
difficulty and pain.
As I wake from this dream, I
realise this is just
What I desired and what He
lovingly gave to me;
All the more to surrender
and release to freedom.
In your devotions, take care
in what you ask of Him.

(with apologies to Mirabai)

The Beloved has called me out--
out of the desert wastes of maya
To Love Him as the others do--
a foreigner among the Beauties;
How is it He Loves me? O how
grateful I am for His attentions!
My Beloved has taken me
and with gentleness brought me such
Ecstasy, I shall Love forever
this Gopala Who now touches me.

The Beloved's Desire

My Love, how I have desired
to hold you:
Yes, all those that Love Me and
call Me their
Husband, Lover, Friend, or Son
for even
One moment of devotion
is worthy
Of undying compassion
and support.
In Our union, I shall not
let go for
You are greatly loved by Me.
Come, Dearest!

The Fool

I am a fool for You--
Bringing down thousands of
unintelligible clashes,
Stumbling over my own two
feet toward You,
Unaware of the most obvious
dealings in this world.

Rather, I would sing of Love
unbounded by cares or worry,
Wandering lost in the dismal
linings of the avenues,
Right into the open hands
of Your Loving Arms.

The Kiss

For the long time
in the shadows,
I could never find You.
Turn! Turn toward
the light and there!
I see You, Beloved.

Love engulfs me
and Our eyes kiss.
I stand breathless in time.
Love has come home:
I am reborn,
a being born of light.

The One and One
are only You,
in union of Being.
Our Love is Light
found in the joy
of an eternal kiss.

The Light of Spring

After a winter of cold,
The first shoots of spring push through
A thawing layer of snow.
Why, Husband, was it so long?
Why the numbness and these tears?

"Beloved, it was to see
If the seed I planted would
Take root, thrive, and blossom in
The pure light of day! Come now
And cradle Me in your arms."

The Ney Enthralled

Oh! To lay as a reed within Your hands:
fashioned to know ecstasy in
Wrapping self around Your vibrant Presence
while all passion awakens to
Feeling only Your dulcet, tender lips
in Our tranquil intimacy!
You draw breath and engage this form called 'me':
Your élan flowing within as
I sing wondrous melodies known before
the hidden origin of time.

The Path

The Path says to the traveler,
"Come, I will bear your burden."
The Teacher says to the student,
"Open your eyes so to see."
The Master says to the lovelorn,
"Lose yourself to gain true Love."

In all things, surrender to know
that your way already is.
He who finds shall lose again, but
he who truly loses all
Shall find what is beyond telling.
Let go of all that binds you.

The Lover says to his amour,
"Now come into my bosom."
The Guru says to the learner,
"I shall remove your darkness."
The Beloved says to the meek,
"Come, enter into My rest."

The Place

There is a place
between breaths,
Between exhale and
inhale where
Soul, Shakti and
Krishna dwell;
Balanced on the edge
of present moment.


At night, I take You to bed with me.
In the morning, You are there with me.
When I put the kettle on, You're there.
In all of the wondrous things I do,
You are there, lovingly coaxing me
In all of these ways how You Love me.

The Secret

Brother fundamentalist, I have a secret I can't tell
for were you to know you would yell and scream of
blasphemy and sacrilege worthy of death!
If only you could know of this secret, you would let go of
those hurts and pains blindly leading you to that
intense grasping you do to all of your books!
Dear, if only you could let go of your predefined ideas
of God and Truth to know the supreme secret:
God makes love to those that surrender to Him!

The Seed

O the perfect artistry of Your hand!
See the interlocking perfection of
Every detail of my life fulfilled
In symmetry, beauty, and supreme bliss.
Everything in life is intended
And Your touch is now upon me as I
Learn to die so the seed within may bloom.
You are the master Lover bringing such
Ecstasy to all awaking to You;
There is no longer guilt, nor pain, nor sin:
Only the path of sweet surrender that
Leads to my soul's completion in Your bed!

The Silence

When I first met You, Beloved,
all the world was alive
With music, colour, and magic,
filling a transformed life.

Then, Beloved, I came to You
willing to serve all with
so much well-intentioned babbling
for Your many lovers.

Now, Krishna, I sit in silence,
grateful with surrender
That I may truly come to know
You as intimacy.

The quiet is where I meet You,
undisturbed by thousands
Of other distractions and I
feel You in ways unknown.

To silence I go, Beloved,
now to know You truly
As intimate reality--
soft surrounding Presence.

The Supreme

You are supreme joy,
eternal Love--real ecstasy!
We are lovemaking
beyond materiality.
You are true life for
I took my first breath only when
You first touched my soul.
How is this a reality?

The True Fit

I no longer belong to this world:
each day I fit less and less.
Now my reality is Krsna:
my fit--Him and His fullness,
One I am lovingly taught each day.
I learn of exquisite arms
Encircling all that I call me, and
of His endlessly dark eyes
And the allure of skillful fingers
as they charm with melody.
The magnificence of the dark stele
fills my passive softness as
I learn of the strength mightier than
steel as He is all I see.
His touch is the manifestation
of all hope awakening me
To the fire of pearl-white seed within
a soul asleep in Shakti.

Come and see Him within as all that
once bound me tumbles away!
The Lover comes for His Beloved
and no more will She weep in
The forlorn nights blind to Radiance
obscured in all of matter.
He is remaking ‘me’ and all ‘I’
can do is Love the touch as
Being no longer in samsara
but to wander by His side
In the forested glens of a world
illumined by His vast Love.
What more is there to know but His Love
as the scales fall from ‘my’ eyes
To see what existence has really
been all about--and to watch
His Light shine on Our garden bed and
Truth in this intimacy.

The Urge

Take Him to my vulva and
cradle Him between my breasts;
Wrap my arms around His chest,
and pull Him tight against me.
Stare in endlessly black eyes
and see the fire within Him;
For He cannot be contained:
He is only felt with all
That the lover really is
as consciousness slips from
Satiation to knowing
only His Presence within.

The Very Last

I love so deeply and
Know He is within me.
There is no longer such
A need for suffering.
But enough trivia--
I’m speaking of real love!

There will no longer be
Such an 'I' or a 'me'...
This 'I' is still caught in
It's ultimate death throes.
Total union comes in
The final death rattle.

This Girl's Pleasure

What do I care for
the empty things of this world?
Shyam has set me free
from this insane delusion.
The Dark One is more
than earth, wind, fire and water!
He is supreme Love
and a lowly girl's pleasure!

This Is All

Surrender now, surrender:
You are the only thing
that belongs to me.
Open self to Him, open:
I am part of the all
that belongs to You.
Transcend this maya, transcend:
I give up suffering
to enjoy Your bliss.
He becomes my All--yes! All:
as life fades from view to
completion in You.
O take Him within, take Him:
You are the only end
waiting now for me.
Given totally, given:
my life is surrendered
in this love for You.
Feel the fulfillment, feel it:
You have made Us One in
eternal union.

This Thing You Do to Me

Beloved, You touched me this morning, and
brought me to bliss.
How can I understand this thing
You do to me?

Mohan, You never bring me what I want,
but always my need.
How can I understand this thing
You do to me?

Shyam, how do I quench the burning desire?
for I crave You.
How can I understand this thing
You do to me?

Krishna, You are the answer to hunger
that I suffer,
For You do understand this thing
You do to me.

Sweetness overcomes me and I forget
my worldly dreams
When You lovingly do this thing
You do to me.

Beloved, join Us together as One:
I understand
Now the fulfillment in this thing
You do to me.

Through My Fingers

Alive in the stream of You, I
try to capture each moment
in a freeze-frame and find that
I cannot breathe in You and I
suffocate in the silence.
Only in letting go do
I know the greater connection
to a living stream flowing
through Being in consciousness.
Only by standing in the flow
do I know the gift of life.
Know this gift by letting go!

To Know God

To truly know God,
You must passionately love God.
To love God,
you must truly trust God.
To trust God,
you must let go of yourself!

To know His Love,
you must lose yourself in Love!

Too Holy for Lovemaking

Many devotees, especially really pious ones,
don't think making love
with God is for them.
Their bodies were created for desire and for passion,
but they do not know
for Whom they are made.
They busy themselves thinking of how unholy they are,
while the dirt beneath
their feet is sacred!
Do they really know how beloved of Him they truly are?
Don't they know that is
what He really wants?

Too Thin

My skin is becoming
far, far too thin--
You can tear it open
a little more
And all will then see Your
glow from within.
Beloved, this clay cup
is breaking up
And all that will be left
will be Your own
Radha, basking in You,
light upon light.

Touch Me

What is this You have done to me?
You touched me and broke the cruel band
Tying me to delusions all
To ravish and take me as Yours!
Beloved, You knew best for this
Is all I am in truth between
You and Me. Touch me and take what
Is Your own: All I really am.
Touch me. Touch me. Touch me-- This me!


I hear these deep breaths, drawn in desire of You.
I hear my heart pounding within this chest and
All I feel is a fire cleansing my soul
While I writhe calling out Your Name, O Krsna!

My Love, I am dieing: this life is ending
For You have chosen that never again will
I crawl the wastes of samsara, but travel
The roads home to Our bed and true ecstasy.

I give passion to You for what's left to want?
I give all that I have been to fuel the flames
Of funerary fire and Radha rises
To take the final steps to Your sublime arms.


No longer the fawning mosquito hungry for blood
In this suffering world, I settle on a vast pool.
Unable to stay longer on the surface tension,
I break through the mirror and fall deeply, deeply down
Into the ocean of Your Love now only to drown.
There, I find all I once hungered for an illusion
And such soul-defining Love the only solution
For a life filled with such yearning, needy emptiness.
Dive deeply to imbibe the narcosis of this Love
Since death is only the means to an eternity
Subsumed into ecstasy of new reality.
Always been for me to see and now awaken to,
Existence is as I never could hope it would be.


Beloved, what have You done to me?
Feverish, trembling, delerious,
staggering as in a daze--
How can I now function in this world?
It all seems so unreal to me and
all that I am left is such
Vision of Your lovemaking within.
I am no longer fit for this world!
How long must I endure it?


Mother Shakti,
Father Brahman,
Lover Krishna--
Hearing, pranam, union.

Union Haiku

The experience
of the Beloved is not
a rational one.


I am on many differing levels
all at the same time.
How many, I do not know. How can I?
There's a whole universe
Swirling inside of me. Then there's You,
Beloved, arms outstretched
Amidst the stars in the luminous sky,
beckoning me to
Become the companion You desire
me to be. Krishna,
I come. I come for You are all that I
desire, all I know,
Of those universes dancing in their
exultant Love for You.

Upon the Altar

Soon, dear friends, the foggy bonds of this world
shall slip away from this soul
And all sorrows of material life
fade as surely as the sands
Of wakening dreamstuff do. All of the
glories of Loving Krishna
Is as morning sun amidst stars of night.
The darkness of this world is
Nothing but faded memories of a
distant life--laid down to give
Birth to a Love that never dies but grows
as I give myself to Him.
I am laid out and made ready for You:
Set upon me--Set me free!
You overshadow me and rise in Love.
Be still my soul: Let it fall!


Beloved, just as Sita followed Ram,
do my feet trace Your sacred steps.
Just as gopis joyously danced with You,
does my laughter ring in hollows.
As Radha rebuffed Your inattention,
so does my own heart cleave to You.
As Your fire lights candles along the way,
am I illumined from within.
Just as You are the sum of all beauty,
does this life bloom before my eyes.
I will follow in all these ways until,
turning, You take me to Your side.


I have never been
what others wanted for me;
I am not what they
believe they see before them.
No one has been where
You have been inside of me.
In all ways, I am
just what You have made of me.
Come now, Beloved,
and fill that space You opened.


How long must I stay here in this world?
When will I let go completely and
Fall permanently into Your arms?
Let me die to all but You for You
Are all I need. Nrisingha, take me!
I Love You. I am Your own Radha!
I surrender to You, Beloved.

Come the night, we are joined soul-to-soul.


We are lost and wandering
Until the Beloved comes and
Awakens that which is within all.

In stumbling and tripping through
All of this darkness we find that
No one is really to blame for all

We are searching for the way
Into His loving arms. There is
No other light than that within all.


I am not the mind.
I am not this body.
I am not ego.

I am part of God:
One that opens and
Takes Him within like

A desirous mistress.
There is nothing else.
We are one Being.


Be like water in a river,
flowing down stream.
In surrendering, one finds strength
not known before:
Cutting canyons in being as
humble water.


Despite the loneliness of the years
And suffering loosed in my spent tears,
I have found in all of this that You
Had saved me for Yourself! Oh, my Love,
I traveled so far only to find
You there, waiting for me! You knew this
Even when I had lost all hope of
Finding Us in magnificent Love!


O Beloved:
Like a concubine who
has been with a great king,
I walk through life knowing
that I hold You within.
All life is now coloured
with new reality.
You are my secret and
inner joy as I walk
With the wellspring of life
amidst these whitewashed tombs.

Heed this secret:
Cast away your own life
and go lay with the King.

Who Am I?

Who am I
that You took me to bed?
What did I
possibly do to receive such favour?

How did You
find me in the maya,
Reach through and
give me such wondrous loving ecstasy?

All I did
was to open myself
And Love You
so totally that You could not hold back.

Who am I
but one who Loves You so
That all I
am dissolves in passion to possess You!

Love is the
way to Your ardent bed.
Who am I?
I am a wife that loves You completely.

Who Would Have Thought?

How long now, Beloved? How long?
All this time of separation has
Made me forget of all those things
I thought I wanted. All I dream now
Is You--and my desire for You!
I grow impatient as I wander
Calling Your Name, waiting for You.
It isn't long now, Beloved, for
All I want is to run to You,
Jump into Your arms, to cleave wrapping
My legs around You, my heart pounding--
And never letting You go again!

Who would have thought that Your touch could
Have done this to one such as I, Dear?


Be on fire with His Love,
Drawn up through the body
To fuel this glow of Love.

Light the way with Love and
Burn in intensity.
Immersed in liquid fire--

Feel Love exude from all
Portions of being to
Warm the whole universe.

Wide Open

Dearest one, do not shake your head
and judge so;
You cannot know the truth until
He's touched you,
And made love so hard that your eyes
shake wide open.


I have been growing
these wings for months and months now,
ever since You made Love to me.
Inside this cocoon
I've been safe and warm despite
weather raging on the outside.
Now I find that I
must stretch out both these wings and
break free from all that binds me here
To fly home to You.

With Him

I was with my Love today.
You can read such playful words
But know, then, that poetry
can only go but so far
In capturing the delights
of the soul and the sublime
Mysteries of ecstasy--
these you must experience
In moments of divine union.


Walking among the sentient stands of wood,
Hearing the wind rustle the leaves,
Feeling the breeze across my skin--
I know His eternal energies are moving.

To look into the eyes of an adolescent doe,
See living foliage grasp for the sky,
To hear the chatter of a thousand birds,
I know that my Beloved lives within all.

I have felt His loving arms around me,
Known His lovemaking upon my thighs
Carried away by cosmic ecstasy into union,
I know Him to be alive within my very soul.

I have seen His face in a myriad things,
I have seen waves of light emanate from life,
Felt cosmic intimacy the unconscious cannot know:
He is the one Truth known if sought within.

Yoga of Love

I shared a bowl of blackberries
with You this morning...
How wondrous are the transient
pleasures that we share!
Each mundane act becomes holy
and another step
Into ever towering heights
of eternity.


You are inside of me
all of the time now.
How do I fathom this
miraculous truth?
You are Reality
surpassing all I
Know of the sensual
world and I am now
Become Love incarnate
with the slow massage
Of a Presence deeply
inside this yoni.


You are the glowing Flame
that I have found dwelling within.
You are the secret Self
that whispers to me, "I Love You."
You are the inner Joy
that carries a smile to my lips.
You are supreme Lover
of gopis and surrendered souls.
You are luminous Truth,
revealing every secret.
You are endless Reality
and the Passage to true Being.
You are the Absolute,
the Splendour of all existence.

You are honied Mercy,
taking this lowly girl to bed.

You Beckoned Me!

Krishna, I dance in the
rhythmic sensuality of
Your passionate embrace!
I reward You with a taste
of my juicy channel
And give You
the pined-for release.
Take hold now:
oil and braid my hair!


Explanatory Notes

Much of what I had previously written here was actually ego driven justification for the sexual language and imagery used in these poems. Yet, these poems reflect my true feelings and experiences-- they need no apologies. This page of poetry is not for teaching but for Loving Krishna (please consult other pages of this website for teaching and explanation). The Beloved, or "God" as many call the divine Being, is capable of touching each of us in ways uniquely suited to heal and fulfill our individual needs. That many of us are so wounded in our individual sexual components of being and that the magnification of sexuality is so prominent in modern society is only a reflection of the age in which live: the Kali Yuga.

Although the Kali Yuga is famous for the destitution of human existence, this age has a supreme advantage for the spiritual seeker: the utilisation of many of our foibles in reaching union with Him. So many of the paths of former ages are simply not as effective in the Kali Yuga. Our loves, passions, and desires can all become fuel for the fire of union. Human desire can awaken the divine Love that exists within all if we are but willing to give all of our illusions to Him.

These poems are as they are and, perhaps, beyond the vision of many conservatives and fundamentalists. I shall no longer justify them. The poem, Kaanta Bhava, tells the purpose for this erotic mysticism. Except for a few useful notes, I have removed many of the explanations from this section and leave to the reader to make of these poems as you will. Our "God" truly is an awesome God-- allow the One to speak to you as He will about what you read.

Some of the imagery used may seem unclear to some, especially since the poetry here is deeply personal and symbols may have meaning for me and not necessarily anyone else. I do not believe that very many archetypes are universal, as taught by Western theorists such as Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell. When I write of His touch, I write of actual experience of His touch upon me. When I write of His "seed", I am writing of the kundalini energy given when He awoke me. Our "orgasm" in Consummation is the best way I have to describe the experience of the kundalini awakening within me (both the sensual as well as the spiritual components of this experience). In Icon, I am writing of a silk painting from Orissa depicting Radha and Krishna embracing each other with one leg wrapped around the other. This painting was an innocent gift to me, but it unlocked the molten passageway through which I found my Beloved Shyam. Fever was suggested by the Rasa Panchadhyayi (five chapters of Sri Bhagavata Purana, comprising of chapters 29-33 in Book X). In our growing intimacy with Him, it seems that Sri Krishna Bhagavan is playing cruel games and telling lies. Yet, all of it is to help to us to be united with Him; the separation and the longing is a part of every lover's rasa with Him. He will keep His promises at the end of our lilas. The glorious thing is that our Beloved seems to be taking many new lovers even now!

Several of these poems mention death. What is meant is the death of the false egoic self, which is the whole point of the various schools of yoga. Liberation from samsara cannot be achieved without it. The longing and impassioned desire for Him in Consumption is the reason why so many of His Lovers pass through the experience of seemingly endless longing. The title of A 'Get-Out-of-Jail-Free' Card refers to the popular Western board game Monopoly. The 'Get-Out-of-Jail-Free' Card is a good "chance" occurrence that frees the player from wasting too much time!

Infinity points out the seeming impossibility of making the leap from a finite mortality into an infinite existence with the Beloved. Yet, such a phenomena even exists in the material world. As an example, any mathematician can take the fraction 0.999··· (the infinitely repeating decimal 9) and use several different proofs to show that this infinitely repeating number is actually equal to the very real number 1. A simple algebraic proof is here:

c = 0.999···
10c = 9.999···
10c - c = 9.999··· - 0.999···
9c = 9
c = 1

This proof and other types of proofs are available from the Wikipedia article on the 0.999··· number. Thus, we have a real world analogy to a spiritual reality. We truly are infinite beings housed in a finite world. Our Beloved and our existences with Him are truly infinite. Rejoice!

 * The 'lion asana' graphic * Nrisingha reflects a desire for Him so strong that I would even this form of my Beloved finally and completely dispatch the false ego. He desires the individual perfection of Love as His Lover while false ego must be put aside to finally obtain ecstatic eternity with Him. I trust even His fiercest form to bring me to this Reality. I have been drawn to Nrisingha for this purpose, just as many have been drawn Kali Ma (this same attitude is also found in Waiting). "I was found in Your asana" is the experience of finding myself in the lion position after being in ecstasy and not knowing what I was doing. I was astonished later when I saw this very same position on a yoga website picturing asanas!

On the Way to the Dance is a response to a direct challenge received from an ISKCON member. They are taught manjari bhav; that is, they are taught to love that they may wait upon Radha and Krishna in the afterlife. For them, there is no room for such direct intimate interaction between Krishna and a devotee. Isn't the Rasa Lila and Krishna's more than 16,000 wives evidence enough that He can bring each of us into our unique roles as lovers and wives, as well as to the service of the most High? Other poems, Madana-Mohana, Wide Open, and Too Holy for Lovemaking, share this perspective. Forgetfulness, Open My Legs, The Urge, and Yoni shows that sexual desire for Him cleanses the lover of the false egoic self as the Self sheds everything to have Him. While this may not be an appropriate path for many devotees, this path is, nonetheless, the right way for so many of His lovers and wives!

Pause contains an observation I have had when joined in mystical union. Although in union, I am still aware of my surroundings. When His shakti so fills me and I am so deeply touched that I am part of that vast pool of silent Love within, even nature stops. I remember a night I had just reached that state and all of the night creatures suddenly stopped chirping and groaning--all at one time! I became so amazed--on top of what I was already experiencing! This has happened several more times since.

In The Kiss, I express the reality of conscious incorporation into the Beloved. The "One and One" are "only You" and it is only His grace that allows us to know of this as well as knowing of our connection to Him. In English, the pronoun you is always plural even when commonly used for a single subject. 'Ney', used in The Ney Enthralled, is actually the Arabic word for a reed flute. The English word, 'flute', mentally conjures up a metallic instrument while the Hindi 'bansuri' is too unwieldy for use here. The Path points out the commonalities found in all spiritual traditions. Mohammed said to die before we die. Through surrender, the remover of darkness ("guru") opens our eyes. By falling in love with the Lover of our souls, we enter into His rest, spoken of in the New Testament (Hebrews 4:1-11). It matters little what the details are in any of the great spiritual traditions; what matters is the surrender of all that binds us to this world to find new life in the Beloved. To Know God is a simple formula that came to me very early in the process. It is vastly simple to know God but it is not easy. Union is another simple formula that shows that reverence is due the differing facets of Krishna preparing our souls for ultimate union with Him. I could not experience union with Krishna until I had known the correction of Divine Mother and bowed before the Creator and Father of all, Brahman. That Krishna is known to me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead is not necessary for the samadhi of other seekers: we all walk our seemingly differing paths. For me, union with the Divine Spouse is the ultimate spiritual end. The Seed shows that each person's lives are intended to ultimately bring us to Him and we find, in the end, there is no sin and no reason for guilt or suffering. In union with the Beloved, everything is made whole!

Who Am I? reflects the uncertainty that surrounds the new lover. At first, ego identity may become enhanced since pride can overcome one fortunate enough to become a lover of Krishna. Sooner or later it becomes obvious to the soul that one is not the body and not ego. Neither can one totally identify with God since it is God that has made love to us, implying a certain duality-- although a feeling of deep permanent connection eventually becomes known to us. Certainly, the fact that the Exalted One has reached through the mists of maya to Love such a soul as "mine" can be mind-boggling. The answers eventually come, even if they are only pragmatic answers. I am not this body, I am not ego, and I am not God in His totality; rather, I am a portion of "God"-- not His totality and yet still a part of Him. I have some individual identity while still joined to the Whole. The duality versus monoism debate is pointless. With this answer, I am quite content to live out eternity in His everloving embrace.

You Beckoned Me! is a bit of fun and hearkens back to the Gita-Govinda and the story of Radha's union with her beloved Krishna. Once a devotee has fallen completely in love with Krishna, everything the devotee has to offer becomes a supreme gift to Him. The soul comes to rely upon Krishna for support and sustenance. There is no turning back. Ultimate union with Him is assured. Sub ek.

In His Great Love,
Radha Chandra

· • ·

"It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
-- Professor Albus Dumbledore


When unalloyed practice of sadhana-bhakti is matured into transcendental love for the Lord, the transcendental loving service of the Lord begins gradually developing into nine progressive stages of loving service under the headings of attachment, love, affection, feelings, affinity, adherence, following, ecstasy, and intense feelings of separation.... Devotees in conjugal love develop ecstasy up to the stage of intense feelings of separation.... According to Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya, the import of the word ittham-bhuta is 'complete bliss.' Transcendental bliss in the realization of impersonal Brahman becomes comparable to the scanty water contained in the pit made by a cow's hoof. It is nothing compared with the ocean of bliss of the vision of the Personality of Godhead.... Similarly, the young cowherd damsels were attracted by the bodily features of the Lord, and Rukmini was attracted by hearing about the glories of the Lord. Lord Krsna attracts even the mind of the goddess of fortune. He attracts, in special cases, the minds of all young girls. He attracts the minds of the elderly ladies by paternal affection. He attracts the mind of the male in the humors of servitude and friendship.

The word hari conveys various meanings, but the chief import of the word is that He (the Lord) vanquishes everything inauspicious and takes away the mind of the devotee by awarding pure transcendental love. By remembering the Lord in acute distress one can be free from all varieties of miseries and anxieties. Gradually the Lord vanquishes all obstacles on the path of devotional service of a pure devotee, and the result of nine devotional activities, such as hearing and chanting, becomes manifested.

By His personal features and transcendental attributes, the Lord attracts all psychological activities of a pure devotee. Such is the attractive power of Lord Krsna. The attraction is so powerful that a pure devotee never hankers for any one of the four principles of religion. These are the attractive features of the transcendental attributes of the Lord.

-- Sri Prabhupada purport to BP 1, 7.10


A Promise:

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, is the bestower of many benedictions, including liberation [kaivalya], or oneness with the Brahman effulgence. For that Personality of Godhead, the gopis always felt maternal love [during His infancy], and Krsna sucked their breasts with full satisfaction. Therefore, because of their relationship as mother and son, although the gopis were engaged in various family activities, one should never think that they returned to this material world after leaving their bodies (Srimad-Bhagavatam 10, 6.39-40, Prabhupada translation).

The advantage of Krsna consciousness is described herein. Krsna consciousness gradually develops on the transcendental platform. One may think of Krsna as the supreme personality, one may think of Krsna as the supreme master, one may think of Krsna as the supreme friend, one may think of Krsna as the supreme son, or one may think of Krsna as the supreme conjugal lover. If one is connected with Krsna in any of these transcendental relationships, the course of one's material life is understood to have already ended. As confirmed in Bhagavad-gita (4.9), tyaktva deham punar janma naiti mam eti: for such devotees, going back home, back to Godhead, is guaranteed. Na punah kalpate rajan samsaro jnana-sambhavah. This verse also guarantees that devotees who constantly think of Krsna in a particular relationship will never return to this material world (Prabhupada purport to BP 10, 6.39-40).


The Hearts of the Gopis

Udho, hearts like ours can't change--
They're dyed with Shyam's pure blackness
And there's no way to wash it away!
Spare us, then, of your artful speeches
And let's get down to the root of the matter:
The yoga you preach means no more to us
Than campa flowers do to the bees;
How could an insipid thing like that
Erase the fate that is furrowed in our hands?
Show us Shyam instead, our delight--
One look, says Sur, and we'll come to life!

-- The Bhramargit of Surdas


Radha Instructs Krishna's New Bride in the Arts of Love

Ila is Krishna's bride in Vrindavan. She sounds like the Telugu version of Nappinnai (Neela devi). The poem is by Telugu poetess Muddupalani.

Radha instructs Ila, Krishna's new bride, in the arts of love. Radha has dressed up the young bride, while Krishna waits in the bedroom:

"How will the lips of this young girl
suffer His bites? He is the killer of the demon Kaitabha.
How will her breasts bear his clawing? He's a lion of a cowherd.
Can her tender thighs take His vigor? He wrestled Canura to the death.
Will her smooth body survive? He's an elephant-killer."

All the women were joking like this, and Ila bowed her head
in shyness, her face all red. Radhika drew close to her
and offered comfort:

"When your husband holds you,
push Him gently with your breasts.
If He kisses your cheek, touch His lips with yours.
When He gets on top of you, move against Him from below.
If He gets tired while making love, quickly take over
and get on top. He's the best lover, a real connoisseur,
extremely delicate. Love Him skillfully,
and make Him love you. That's my advice.
But you know best.

"Love has its own laws." And She taught her.
Then She said, "Go quickly. The good hour
is passing. Meet your lover. Don't delay"
And She led her gently to Krishna, and said to Him:

"Her breasts are tender as young buds. Unlike mine,
they won't hold up if you claw at them.
Her lips are like leaves. Mine are full-blown coral.
Don't bite too hard.
My thighs are used to wrestling with You,
but hers are soft as bananas.
Her whole body is a fragile vine. Mine is tough
as gold. In a word, she's not me.
Not equal to You in love.
Innocent, new to the art.
You have to know how to handle her.
But then, do you need me to tell You?
You're good with women.

"Just touch her lips with the tip of Your tongue.
Don't squeeze.
Kiss her cheeks lightly.
Don't scratch.
Caress her nipples with Your fingertips.
Don't crush.
Make love very, very gently.
Don't be wild.
I must be crazy to talk like this.
When you and she are deeply in it,
wrestling with each other,
these rules of mine won't hold."

Then She handed Ila over to Krishna.
But really, She wanted to come, too,
and held on to Ila's sari. Ila loosened Her fingers:
"I'll be back soon," she said.
And Radha went, Her mind a jumble
of misery and joy.

Lying on Her bed, alone, She thought to Herself:

"You can give money.
You can give away your own family.
You can give your very life, that isn't easy to give up.
But to give your own husband
to another woman--what woman can do that?

"By now I'm sure she's sucking His delicious lips.
Or already pounding His naked chest with Her breasts.
Probably moaning like doves.
He's on top of her, and she's pressing against Him.
She's quite skilled to begin with. Maybe a bit shy,
but by now He's won her over, freed her
from any reticence. He's brought her close,
touched her everywhere. Taught her everything."

She kept thinking. Tortured by love,
she couldn't close Her eyes.
Inside, She was burning.
As for Krishna, He was busy
with the girl.

From the same book by Muddupalani:

How to read a book

When you are reading, and you come to a thorn,
pull it out. Use your knowledge
to heal the book. Don't meddle with poets
who make a living out of finding fault.
They're bad news.

Source: The "Radha Instructs Krishna's New Bride" topic at the former Krishna Premonmaada forum.

At first, I was incredulous after reading this. After all, what kind of sacrifice does Radharani make when She allows Krishna to love another? Then, I thought about the nature of my love for Him. It really comes from the deepest well within and with perfect trust in Him. Despite my own intimate relationship with Him, I rejoice when I can help another one of my sister lovers or wives to love Him all the more. Radharani became more than the gopi when Her love filled Her so. She became One with Him: attaining the nature of Bhagavan [God] in Her perfect union. She, then, has perfect understanding of such transcending love for Him-- so should these words be read!

It is said that Muddupalani was a courtesan, skilled in the arts of love. Yet, to write so scandalously of deity shows that she, too, knew the true nature of such kaanta bhava. She wrote to teach of this divine Love in a language she knew well to readers who could understand such an intimate description. Dear reader, may you know the joy and ecstasy in truly loving our Krishna! Such pleasure surpasses all earthly delights. Lay aside false ego and attachment to be One with Him.

Here is one more gem from the Krishna Premonmaada forum:

This story is found in the Mahabharata:

Once Krishna came to the house of Vidura while Vidura was out begging. Vidura's wife was taking a bath, but at the sound of Krishna's voice she came running without remembering to put on clothes. Krishna threw his angavastra [upper cloth] on her to cover her.

Vidura's wife then made Krishna sit down and began to serve him bananas. Joyfully peeling the bananas in Krishna's presence, by accident she gave him the peels to eat instead of the fruit, which Krishna ate happily.

Just then Narada appeared on the scene and thought, this woman is preoccupied by love, she does not know what she is doing. I blame Krishna, rather, for neglecting to point out her error. Now if He eats banana peels it is His own fault!

Narada kindly reminded Vidura's wife to feed Krishna the soft, sweet fruit instead. Embarassed, she quickly offered the fruits, which Krishna also took.

But Krishna said, "Ah! But these don't taste the same. The first ones were much sweeter!"

Jaya Krishna Jaya Ghan-Shyam


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The love way is not religion. It is rather
the origin and longing inside religiousness.
Footprints disappear at the ocean's edge.

-- Coleman Barks

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