The End of the Last Iceage!


The End of the Last Iceage is the organ of initiation of The Cult of the Nu Alice,
a vegan chainsaw cannibal cult based in the Sonoran Desert.
Share in the mysteries of the Great Goddess Eris;
find subversion and illumination through propaganda, dada, plagiarism and bad art.
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Create, Destroy, Enjoy

The New Alice in the Valley of the Island of the Monsters
The Four Nekkid Orphans of the Rapture
The Mystery of the Shadowy Teenage Death Cult
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Tale of Two Nancy Reagans
The Lovely Pornstars of Discordianism
The Elvis Saga
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha and the Evil Spirits
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha and the First Day of School
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha returns from the grave for revenge
A trip through spacetime with an avatar of Eris
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha and his assassin join forces against hysterical mothers
An interpretation of Frank Zappa's song
Curly Howard saves Cannibal Cannabis Buddha from certain death
How the Nu Alice defeated Nazism and the Old Ones
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha is assassinated
The Sugarcubes' lovely paean to Insect Collecting and Intergenerational Love
A shrine to the Goddess Eris
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