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These include the fandoms of Harry Potter, Billy Elliot, West Wing, Star Wars (novels), Enemy at the Gates, The Zack Files, The X-Files, A Knight's Tale, Cardcaptor Sakura, Mutant X, and (obviously) originals.

All fiction here is slash.  If you understand this,
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This page includes baseball, hockey, and figure skating slash.  RPS stands for Real Person Slash - that is, the characters in the stories are real people.  It is just fiction - under no circumstances does the author mean to imply ANYTHING about the lifestyles of the people mentioned.  IF (and only if) you understand what RPS is and that it is for entertainment purposes only, then
You have two choices from here.  Please read all the warnings carefully including this one:  EVERYTHING on this page (excluding the About Me section) is a work of fiction.  Excepting the two stories in the Original section, no characters belong to me.  None of this is for profit, and none is meant to harm anyone or imply anything about the sexual orientations of the people mentioned.  Remember - no matter which side you pick, it's all slash.  The ratings vary from PG to NC-17, but it IS M/M SLASH.  That's your warning.
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