Chatter Creek Lodge Pictures
After the leaving the first tracks on the freshly groomed 88km trail we arrived at the lodge.
To follow were the best three days of snowmobiling in my life. There was so much powder that with 5 riders, we rarely crossed over a patch of snow already traveled by another sled. Constant face shots and plugged running boards were occuring all day, and all this within 5 km from the lodge.
We were ,however, cursed with cloudy weather for much of the time.
The areas to ride in Chatter Creek are excelent for beginer to advanced riders. There is a wide groomed Cat trail all the way to the top which can be abandoned at any time to bust to pow pow. Once out of the trees on the trail in, there is no more vegitation to worry about, just pure, beautiful soft snow.
If you ever get a chance to go to the Chatter Creek Lodge, you would be doing yourself an injustice if you don't.  
The Lodge owners showing us some other winter activities.
Scott jumping
The mighty Lodge
2nd floor of the Lodge
Sleeping area. 3rd floor.
The mighty Lodge again
Graham needs air
Mike:"damn killswitch..."
Graham carving
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