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"A fi mi gyal dat"
Translation: "That is my girl."

"Mi gwaan"
Translation: "I'm gone"

Translation: "What's Happening--What's Up"

"Whey yuh want"
Translation: "What you wnat?"

"What a gwaan sistren?" "What a gwaan bredren?"
Translation: "What's going on sister" "What's going on brother"

"Mi nuh care"
Translation: "I don't care"

"Nuh badda watch mi"
Translation: "Don't bother watching me"

"gi mi a bokkle a wata?"
Translation: "Give me a bottle of water"

"Lawd ave  mercy!"
Translation: "Lord have mercy"

Translation: "Kid or child"

Hey gyal come ya"
Translation: "Hey girl come here"

"Bwaay mi like yuh still yuh nuh".
Translation: "Boy I like you.

"Come outta mi yard"
Translation: "Get out of my home/house"

"Mi luv yuh"
Translation: "I love you"

"Leggo mi hand"
Translation: " Let go of my hand"

"Why yuh suh bad minded?"
Translation: "Why are you so bad-minded?"

"Yuh nuh hear yuh mumma a call yuh?"
Translation: "Don't you hear your mother calling you?"

"Guh wash yuh face"
Translation: "Go and wash your face"

"Mi cyaan tell yuh yet"
Translation : "I cannot tell you as yet"

"Mi soon come back"
Translation :"I will be back soon"

"yuh caan sing"
Translation: "You cannot sing"

"A yuh man dat?"--- "A yuh gal dat?"
Translation: "Is that your man?" "Is that your girl?"

"Him lick mi"
Translation: "He hits me"

"Dem  bwoy deh a teif"
Translation: "The boy is a thief"

"Yuh luk good eeh"
Translation: "You look good"

"Nuh lie to mi"
Translation: "Don't lie to me"

"A wha dis?"
Translation: "What is this?"

"Yuh too lazy"
Translation: "You are too lazy"

"Stop di bawlingt"
Translation: "Stop the crying

"Tun on di TV".
Translation: "Turn on the TV"

"Guh home?"
Translation: "Go Home"

"Luk pon yuh
Translation: "Look at you"

"Nuh Facey with me"
Translation: "Don't be fresh with me"

"Yuh a guh di deh?"
Translation: "Are you going to be there?"

"Di computa slow eeh"
Translation: "The computer is so slow"

"Put it back whey yuh get it"
Translation: "Put it back where you get it"

"Gimme a call lata"
Translation: "Give me a call later"

"Mi done wid yuh"
Translation: "I am done with you"

"How yuh suh ugly?"
Translation: "How are you so ugly"

"Mi nah guh deh"
Translation: "I am not going there"

"Whey yuh a guh?"
Translation: "Where are you going?"

"Di pickcha dark"
Translation: "The picture is dark"

"Mi a guh home"
Translation: "I am going home"

"Mi live dung deh suh"
Translation: "I live down there"

"Whey mi pickney deh?."
Translation: "Where is my child?"

"A lang time mi a watch yuh"
Translation: "Its a long time since I've been watching you ."

"Have mercy lawd."
Translation: "Have mercy Lord."

"Lef di bwoy alone"
Translation: "Leave the boy alone."

"Watch dem a run"
Translation: "Watch them running"

"Di movie nice"
Translation: "The movie is nice/good"

"Yuh foot big eeh"
Translation: "Your feet are so big"

"Yuh puppa gwaan"
Translation: "Your father is gone."

"Di wata gwaan."
Translation: "The water is gone."

"Mi gwaan a school"
Translation: "I am off to school"

"Tek whey mi seh and galang"
Translation: "Take what I say and go"

"Yuh nuh hear mi a call yuh?"
Translation: "Don't you hear me calling you?"

"Mi seh siddung and stop di ramping"
Translation: "Sit down and stop the playing"

"Yuh caan hear yuh a guh feel"
Translation: "You cannot hear you will feel"

"Him tell mi seh yuh want mi"
Translation: "He told me that you wanted me"

"Di ooman foot a hat har"
Translation: "The woman foot is hurting her"

"Whey yuh madda deh?"
Translation: "Where is your mother?"

"Gi mi a chance nuh?"
Translation: "Can you give me a chance?"

"Merca ave whole heap a snow"
Translation: "America has a lot of snow."

"Mi like fi dance"
Translation:"I like to dance"

"Yuh faa yuh fambily"
Translation: "You look like your family"

"Luk mi inna mi yeye and tell mi sey yuh luv mi"
Translation: "Look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me"

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