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Waazzup! My name is Devon Scott and this is my site.  I am no expert, but I know practically everything there is to know about managing and maintaining your piercing.  On my site, you can find very helpful and useful information about  Tongue Piercings in general. So sit back, relax and enjoy my site.
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Below you will find links to very helpful information.  You will find links to cheap barbells, aftercare advice, how to read barbell sizes, and do's and don'ts when maintaining your piercing.
Strong Arm 47 is located at 225 N. Magnolia Ave. in DownTown, Orlando.
Strong Arm 47
I know you are all wondering "what is Strong Arm47  and why is it on your site".  Well, this is the place where I got my tongue pierced.  The reason I am mentioning Strong Arm47 is because it is a very professional place.  The only thing is that it is located in Florida where I live.  So if you happen to live in Orlando, Florida or somewhere near there, you should really consider going  to this Piercing/Tattoo Palor.  Below is a map with directions to it.
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