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peru restaurants

chez maggy

Welcome national tourists, foreigners and aliens to try and breathe in the scent of our dishes and pizzas. More than 30 years with the grandmother's recipe and now improved for tomorrow ...

Cure your taste, the pleasure of good eating. We are not perfect, but ...
We are a family that gives you all the best and creativity of our cuisine, meet your discerning palate and so we dedicate all our efforts to serve you better.
We are not perfect, but we have the best quality and experience


We have differents restaurants in Peru / peru restaurants

·         Cusco

·         Machu picchu

·         Iquitos

·         Pucallpa

·         Chiclayo


So… for all this reasons visit us and enjoy the best of peru restaurants

Address: Plateros 348 - A

Phone: 5184246316



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