1958 Dodge Panel Truck

{58 Dodge 1}{58 Dodge 2}

1958 Dodge Panel Truck. Ugly only a mother can love!

Originally a U.S,. Navy Public Works Vehicle, well preserved many ways. The original Wood Floor is still there and is in Outstanding condition, no holes or cracks! The truck is all original with correct numbers and the original Govt. Brass firewall plate verifies the engine, chassis, & body numbers. Very Rare truck, have been tempted to sell it a couple of times but just can't part with it, it is the look that Dodge went back to with their late model trucks. Does anyone else have one? if so e-mail me and lets compare notes?

The future of this truck has in store a pearl white coat of paint, simple gray vinyl wrapped interior and a slightly lower stance of about 6".... That is all..... The original parts and suspension will be kept, cleaned and used.



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