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Greetings and peace be unto Lord. I am pastor shaukat from Pakistan. I am a pastor and sunday school teacher running here Logos Ministaries. Pakistan is Islamic country here christians are in very small group and dont have financial resources. Christian people are uneducated . They dont know about God , Jesus, and Bible.
Here we are five pastors working in 32 diffrent arias as a team. We have 25 home churches.In these arias we also run sunday schools
We have 4 sunday schools in our field area.We do,nt have any church building. please prayer for this.
I visit your website and have wish that you can help us in different ways .We humbly request you to expand your outreach your program in Urdu and Punjabi language. Urdu is the language speakors around the world is 104 Million People and Punjabi Speakors around the world is 94 Million.If you have the Biblical writen meterial kindly send us we will translate it English into Urdu and Punjabi . Then teach in the people .
We dont have financial resources we do translation work and then earn money to run our Ministry.
We request you kindly support our Ministry and start work with us . We will be very thankful for you.Grace and peace be with you.
May God Bless you,

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