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Our earliest know Jasper ancestor is Lancelet Jasper, who was born about 1550 in Redgrave, Suffolk, England, he married Rose Sheppard about 1572 in Redgrave, England. Their children are
pinkball William Jasper, b. 6 Feb 1573/74
pinkball Anna Jasper, b. 28 Sep 1577
pinkball Elizabeth Jasper, b. 8 Oct 1579
pinkball Henry Jasper, b. 26 May 1581
pinkball Rachel Jasper, b. 5 Aug 1583
pinkball Samuel Jasper, b. 2 Feb 1584/85
pinkball Jeremiah Jasper, b. 2 Nov 1588
pinkball Nathaniel Jasper, b. 24 May 1590
pinkball Daniel Jasper, b. 23 Apr 1592
pinkball John Lancelet Jasper, b. 11 Feb 1593

pinkball John Lancelet Jasper, the son of Lancelet and Rose Sheppard Jasper, was born 11 Feb 1593 in Redgrave, Suffolk, England. He married Sarah Sheppard and sailed on the ship, "Diligence of Bristol" to the New World. Their child is
pinkball Richard Jasper, b. 1637

pinkball Richard Jasper, the son of John Lancelet and Sarah Sheppard was born about 1637 in Richmond, Virginia. He married 1. Elizabeth Clark; 2. Mary ???, abt 1660 in VA and 3. Sarah ??? abt 1680 in VA.
The children of Richard and Mary ??? Jasper are:
pinkball Richard Jasper
pinkball Mary Jasper, b. abt 1666

The children of Richard and Sarah ??? Jasper are:
pinkball Hannah Jasper
pinkball Jhonathan Jasper
pinkball Samuoll Jasper
pinkball Ann Jasper, b. 8 Oct 1682
pinkball Richard Jasper, b. 21 Apr 1687
pinkball Elizabeth Jasper, b. 1688
pinkball Thomas Jasper, b. 2 Oct 1689

pinkball Thomas Jasper, the son of Richard and Sarah Jasper, was born 2 Oct 1689 in Richmond, Virginia and died there in 1748. His will is found in Will Book 5, page 562 in Richmond County, Virginia dated 1 Jan 1747. He married 1. Ann Lewis abt 1700 in VA; 2. Sarah Ann Taylor, abt 1711 in VA; and 3. Elizabeth Hammond, abt 1734.
The children of Thomas and Ann Lewis Jasper are:
pinkball Thomas Jasper, b. 1705
pinkball Mary Jasper, b. 1707

The children of Thomas and Sarah Taylor Jasper are:
pinkball Elizabeth Jasper, b. 22 May 1712
pinkball Ann Jasper, b. 5 Dec 1714
pinkball Richard Taylor Jasper, b. 21 Apr 1717
pinkball Simon Jasper, b. 13 Jan 1719/20
pinkball John Andrew Jasper, b. 1722
pinkball Sarah Jasper, b. 21 Feb 1723

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth Hammond Jasper are:
pinkball Thomas Jasper, b. 14 Apr 1735
pinkball William Jasper, b. 16 Sep 1737
pinkball Daniel Jasper, b. 30 Oct 1739
pinkball Ann Jasper, b. 14 Dec 1742
pinkball Betty Jasper, b. 3 Nov 1745

pinkball John Andrew Jasper, the son of Thomas and Sarah Taylor Jasper, was born about 1722 in Augusta County, Virginia and died in October of 1799 in Union County, South Carolina. He married Mary Herndon about 1743 in Virginia. Their children are:
pinkball Nicholas Jasper, b. abt 1744
pinkball John Jasper, b. abt 1746
pinkball Mary E. Jasper, b. abt 1748
pinkball Rachel Jasper, b. abt 1754
pinkball Elizabeth Jasper, b. abt 1755
pinkball William Jasper, b. abt 1757
pinkball Hannah Jasper, b. abt 1759
pinkball Nancy Jasper, b. abt 1763
pinkball Charity Jasper, b. 1 Feb 1765
pinkball Abraham Jasper, b. abt 1766
pinkball Lydda Jasper, b. abt 1769

pinkball Charity Jasper, the daughter of John Andrew and Mary Herndon Jasper, was born 1 Feb 1765 in Spottsylvania County, Virginia and died before 1826. She married John Hames, the son of Charles and Catherine Krugg Hames, about 1781 in Union County, South Carolina. Their children are:
pinkball Polly Hames, married Thomas Cook
pinkball daughter Hames, married Chirchwell B. Tucker
pinkball Mary Hames, married Timothy Haney
pinkball Patti Hames
pinkball Rebecca Hames, married Elijah Wade
pinkball Charles Hames
pinkball John Hames
pinkball Thomas Henry Hames

pinkball Polly Hames, the daughter of Charity Jasper and John Hames , married Thomas Cook, Jr., the son of Thomas and Ann Cook. Their children are:
pinkball Martha Elizabeth Cook, b. 11 Mar 1804
pinkball Charity Cook, b. 28 Feb 1811
We feel that Polly and Thomas had other children but as of this writing we have found no definite proof.
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This information is from personal research and the help of other researchers who have shared their information with me, including Don Norvell and Caron Withers. Visit Caron's Family Tree Maker Web page

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