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  :: Welcome Message:

   Langpeople is brand new! I am working very hard and all the time to get this site completed! I know that not all of the pages match just yet... But I am working on it!

Langpeople will include *FREE* services for conlang enthusiasts. Some of these services: Link/Banner exchanges, Model language lists, Useful wordlists and programs, and the complete world that I am in the process of creating. (One language turns into two, two turns to three, and three turns to... creating a culture and world for your people. What have I gotten myself into?) Hopefully I will get around to making a step by step guide to conlanging.. (If that is, in fact, possible!) Thanks for the support!

  :: News

Site created! I just have to finish the navigation system and *hopefully* make all the pieces of the site match! It will be a large task... I am also going to get a .tk domain. So much easier than typing all of the Tripod URL. I will try to get or, whichever is available. Tell a friend, so we can get some hits!
I am getting that .tk today.. The new Geocities server doesn't have so many banner ads. I hate them. Unless they are pretty like mine. ^_^ It will be, but if it doesn't work the current URL will.
Well... .tk is having some kinda problem. Looks like I won't be able to use Oh well though. I will still try! >_<
Well, I have got started on some history for my Kirda people. Pretty interesting. I am also working on a 'logical' lexicon for Okobe. Yeah, like that will happen! >_<

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