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Aviary Information
    My name is Allecia, I run a closed banded aviary located in Columbus, Ohio. I specialize in Peachface Lovebirds and Cockatiels, but I also breed Greencheek Conures, Quakers, Parrotlets, & Zebra and Society Finches. I have also added a few pairs of Fischer Lovebirds & Masked Lovebirds which are currently breeding and on eggs.
Sales Policy
    All pets are sold on a first come, first served basis. I do take reservations and deposits. All deposits are non-refundable, if you change your mind, your deposit can be transferred to a different bird(with my approval) but money-back will not be given. Any cage or accessory purchase must be returned within 7 days of purchase and have a restocking fee of 25% of the total purchase price. I do try to work with people and have not had a problem yet. The amount of a deposit DOES go towards the cost of the pet, for example, you wish to purchase a lovebird for $65, you put down a $30 deposit, $35 will be due at time of pick-up. Deposits may be sent through Paypal(credit card or check ), through Mail in the form of a Personal Check or Money Order, or given to me in person in Cash. Deposits vary with type of bird and color, average deposit is $20. Please see "For Sale" for more information. If something should happen to the pet a deposit is on then I do reserve the right to substitute a pet of equal value or you may wait until another of your choice is available and you will be given 1st choice. A refund of the original deposit is not available but the original deposit will go towards the price of the pet you choose and a discount would be issued in this case. By sending a deposit via Paypal, Personal Check, Money Order, or Cash you agree to all of the above. When picking up a baby you have left a deposit on PLEASE REMEBER TO BRING CASH. I have to allow 7 days for a personal check to clear my bank and so I can accept it for the deposit but remaining due at Pick-up must be in cash since you will be taking the bird with you.
Why Buy From Me?
    I have been breeding birds for over 9 years. All my babies are handfed by myself and are very friendly and tame. I handfeed all of my babies unless I am keeping them for breeding or someone requests me to allow the parents to feed so they will make a better breeder in the future. Since I am a hobby breeder who stays at home full time I can give each and every bird the time and attention it deserves. I handle all my babies daily and I care about each and every bird I sell, so I do my best to make sure it is going to a loving home who knows how to care for it. Each bird comes with a care sheet, hatch certificate, and lifetime technical support - - if you have questions, call, write, or email me.
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