Summer 2006 Puppies

Jessie and Puppies

Jessie and Puppies

Jessie/Kicker Pups

Jessie/Kicker Pups

Prissy/Kicker Pups

Sparkle/Kicker Pups

Prissy/Kicker Pups

Sparkle/Kicker Pups

Prissy/Kicker puppies relaxing

My mini friend (Kicker/Sparkle puppy)

Sparkle/Kicker puppy

How do you like my long tail?

Kicker/Prissy puppy with his new friend

Sparkle/Prissy puppies - watched over by Sparkle and their amazing Grandmother and Great Grandmother Beatrice

Prissy/Sparkle Puppies

Beatrice keeps watch

Jessie/Kicker pups

Jessie pups getting tender loving care

Jessie Pups

Jessie, pups and friends

Sparkle pups (longtail)

Beatrice and Sparkle pups

Beatrice loves Nughty

Beatrice/Sparkle/Prissy pups

Sparkle and her pups

Prissy/Kicker Litter

Saying Goodbye to Kicker Jr.

Kicker Jr. a Sparkle/Kicker Pup

Kicker Jr. and his swimming partner

Kicker Jr. and friend

Puppies 2006 with Beatrice
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