Biography: Margaret Stewardson

It was the Spring of 1985 , I had a very bad experience with one of my Humane Society dogs- and varying results with the strays I had picked up over the years.

A friend of mine realized I needed to get a dog I could rely on - so, she asked me to fill a questionnaire- well, up popped a soft coated wheaten terrier- who I knew nothing about!

I was immediately interested and almost sight unseen decided to purchase my pet wheaten. It was a hot July day when I got Shawnie- who I was told was a pet wheaten.

I was encouraged to take Shawnie to obedience class- the astute instructors realized he was registered and trained Shawnie and I as if we were going into something called obedience training. Well, Shawnie performed so well, we continued . In our 1st obedience trial - a woman came up to me and said - why is that dog in obedience ring - he should be in the conformation ring! Well, to make a long story short- Shawnie took only 4 months to become a two titled wheaten- I was hooked!

I worked Shawnie in obedience , agility , scent hurdling where he excelled with a final total of 5 titles. But my heart pulled Shawnie and I towards giving back to the community. So, we were off to schools, hospitals, Christmas parties and nursing homes- I likely would have been content for some years to have just Shawnie but the show bug got me- My second wheaten was Shane- and he just won, and won and won- in the conformation ring- and then came Shannon- no sense in having a wonderful show male without a girlfriend> - That was the start of my breeding program- but my love of taking all of my dogs to community events is my 1st love and theirs!Many of Myshawns Wheatens have done pet therapy at hospitals , nursing homes etc. And all that are raised in my home make some of their 1st outings to community events- kind of a coming out party for my puppies ! We continue to make children smile when sick , and adults laugh when there is nobody else for them to hug and love!

As long as we are able - Myshawns wheatens will be there for those who need love and attention to enrich their lives!



Catherine Maxim- Catherine contacted me almost 4 years ago to buy a pet! She bought her male Bentley as a pet. Over the years in order to help me out when my house had too many , or I needed help in someway , Catherine would help me with the dogs, So, when Pokey was quite young and Cuddles was a puppy, Cuddles ate Pokey's beard off. Catherine offered to help with Pokey and Pokey never came back to my house, Catherine had fallen in love with Pokey - and so, Catherine started in the show world at that time. Catherine had her 1st litter last year, out of Pokey and then the 2nd litter this year. Catherine has kept a Pokey Puppy - Blossom( Myshawns Final Destiny) . Both Pokey and Blossom continue to live with Catherine and I co- own them! Catherine and Pokey are involved with Pet therapy- and now Blossom tags along to the nursing home visits! Our dogs love the demos, nursing home visits, hospital visits, kids birthday parties, fairs etc ! They all have great temperaments!
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