Fehral (Denise)'s message to the Rebounding/Lamptrimming Tess "haters" (or, anyone who's ever hated Tess but still wants her with Kyle)

Ok, this is what I don't understand, follow my logic...

We hear about Tess before we see her from spoilers..we hate her (we being the fans).

She shows up, can't act and is annoying....we hate her.

She is shifty and mean to the humans....we hate her.

She puts thoughts into all of the aliens heads...we hate her.

She gets between Max and liz....we hate her.

She tells them their destiny, which helps her out....we hate her. Now here comes the confusing part.

She's goes after Kyle....we like her?

Not me of course. I just HATE it when people say, "as long as she's with Kyle". See, the thing is that I'm not a dreamgirl at all. I sometimes find Max and Liz a little boring (please don't kill me). and I still hate her [Tess] for the reason that she is evil. Does no one, other than us of course, see that just because she is hoeing up to kyle, that does not make her any less evil? It makes her more so. I don't trust her at all. This is obviously part of some scheme. and if she breaks Kyle's heart, so help me god...... she also called Alex "Al" which is again, punishable by death. I just really don't understand how people logically think that someone can just change from being that devil into being a likeable character cause they try to get it on with an actual likeable character. I also don't like that obviously the writers think that we will just take everything at face value.

Sorry for this rant, I just REALLY hate her.


EDITOR'S NOTE: No apologies are necessary, Denise. Somebody had to say it.

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