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I don't like Tess.

No, I mean I REALLY REALLY don't like Tess.

It's not JUST because she wants to get in the way of Max and Liz. Heck, as of right now, Max and Liz are doing a pretty damned good job of that themselves.

But that's beside the point. Tess is the most confusingly written character so far in the Roswell series. When introduced, she was sketchy, and our pod squad didn't trust her. Then she pulls some of her lovely mind-bending artwork on Max and Isabel and suddenly... they're giving her a chance. In full knowledge that she can make people see things that aren't there. But then I suppose, maybe you should get such a person on your side just so you can keep an eye on them. But I don't think that's what they're doing.

At the end of Destiny, last season's finale, the podsters and Liz witnessed a strange sight -- the Superman-inspired hologram declaring she was their mother and that the four of them were destined not only to fight the Evil aliens on Earth, but to pair up, copulate and spawn with each other. Isabel was completely taken in. She uttered the dumbest line of all: "She's so beautiful!" The hologram itself said that the form that appeared to them was not her natural form, but one that would appear pleasing to them.

But again I stray. They proceed to take the hologram's words as gospel. Forget the fact that they're in the presence of TESS -- she who has the power to make people see things that aren't there. No one even questions the reality of the image they have seen. What on earth (no pun intended) are they thinking? On top of that, we, the viewers, then saw that the direct result of this orb-image was to alert what are supposed to be EVIL aliens all around the globe. Again -- we're supposed to have an open mind about Tess? We're not idiots, but the writers seem to think we are. And after spending a lot of time on Roswell boards and lists, the sad fact is that a lot of people ARE idiots.

And here we are now in season 2. In the season premiere, we found out that Liz had run away, and Tess had hung out with our beloved aliens as well as the remaining humans for a whole summer, and they appear to have accepted her. For one thing, that's totally unfair. To not let us see their relationships develop over the summer is a major hole.

The writers are now trying to make Tess someone else -- somewhere along the way she became trustworthy. Why didn't we get to see it? It's oh, I don't know, a major character development on her part, why is it not important to show us?? And on top of that, we're supposed to feel SORRY for her that Max doesn't love her.

Max doesn't love her. Max is now grovelling before Liz, who appears to regard him now much the way she regarded Kyle in the Pilot episode. It's less than unsettling. It's downright disturbing.

Liz's journal is gone, and this time, it's not Michael who stole it. Her inner thoughts and feelings have been taken away from us. And what are we given to replace them? More insight into poor, unloved Tess. Boo hoo hoo.

I decided a long time ago that she was the rotten seed and I've seen nothing to change my mind about that. As for the cute Tess/Kyle scenes... they are certainly cute.. but I feel like the writers are expressly manipulating the audience to like her, and I don't like being manipulated. For me, it wasn't just about her getting between Max and Liz, it's her worming her way into the group at all. I still want to know more about her "memory retrieval techniques" and I haven't forgiven her for what happened in EOTW (which WAS her fault). And if she didn't make the holo-mom... then the writers really missed a good plot direction. I mean you don't just give a sketchy new alien a highly manipulative power and then expect us to just accept that she's a good guy, especially on a show as paranoid as this one.

I WANT TO BELIEVE. That bitch has got a plan. If the writers have any sense, this is all just a trick. Like on X-Files, or Buffy -- those writers know tricks. Mid-season, Tess will pull off her head and reveal the slimy selfish creature underneath. Or something equivalent. Please let it be. Because if it isn't, this show has pulled a major left turn into undiscovered country, and I'm sorry, but they don't speak my language there.

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