If you're just going to take one look at this site, see that it's anti-Tess and proceed to whine to me about how great she is and how it's not her fault Max and Liz aren't together, I PLEAD with you to FIRST READ THE SITE.
The Anti-Tess League is NOT just a bunch of Dreamgirls - some of us aren't Dreamers AT ALL. Please don't judge this site without even reading it first - it is a waste of my time and yours. I have put a lot of thought into what goes on these pages. You may not agree with the views expressed here, but please don't judge us before knowing what we're really about.

What is the Anti-Tess League?
We're the last surviving Roswellians with common sense. That's the sense to see that Tess is not what she seems. She's not to be trusted, no matter how many cute scenes she gets with Kyle. The ATL is like Morpheus, Trinity and crew from the Matrix -- the last few people left who have not been mindwarped. And we will not be fooled.


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The members of the AntiTessLeague want to make sure you know that Tess Harding is a fictional character, and in no way do we mean to inflict or endorse the infliction of any physical harm on Emilie de Ravin, the actress who portrays Tess. So in other words, we may not be her biggest fans, but we don't actually want Ms. De Ravin dead. Thank you.

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