Looking for a way to vent your anger at Roswell's most inconsistant character? Think the only good Tess is a dead Tess? Well has the Anti-Tess League got a story for you.

Every week (more or less) Denise writes a wonderful short fanfic in which Tess gets killed. She calls them DOTs, for Deaths Of Tess. You can get them by becoming a member of the Anti-Tess League, or just read them as they are archived here. They get better and better too! Often, these DOTs take on the bent of a romance fic for the author's favorite couples (for instance, Denise is a big Kyle/Maria shipper; Andrea's a total Candygirl). There are even some Buffy and X-Files crossovers. But Tess, of course, will always somehow die!

We're also more than happy to read your DOTs or take requests. Just email them to me and I'll be sure to put them right up.


Recently, Denise and MD presented the ATL with a DOT fic challenge. The rules are as follows:

1) Another Heatwave has swept over Roswell, making our favorite characters act strange ("Strange" is defined by the author. i.e. Valenti will only speak pig latin).

2) Tess must die attached to a pole of some sort.

The first entry is by Laura and is entitled "Max and Mike's Excellent Adventure." Also see "A Dream Come True" and "Party Favor."


All DOTs are by Denise unless otherwise noted.
"Don't own them, don't sue me"

The members of the AntiTessLeague want to make sure you know that Tess Harding is a fictional character, and in no way do we mean to inflict or endorse the infliction of any physical harm on Emilie de Ravin, the actress who portrays Tess. So in other words, we may not be her biggest fans, but we don't actually want Ms. De Ravin dead. Thank you.

(Stories marked * are part of the Valenti/Deluca household series)

If you just started reading the DOTs, we ask you to not judge them all by the first few. The first several are very short and rather silly. They get better. We promise.

Spandex Bucket (MD) Frozen Ceiling Fan Anvil Eavesdropping
Target Practice Dye, Tess, Dye Be Careful What
You Wish For
Naughty Girl The Earth Moved
Locker Dodgeball With a Little
Help From My Friends
Max Chemistry If You Want
Something Done Right
Overload Spike End of
the World?
Whodunit? Viva
Las Vegas
Hell on Wheels Kleptomania Kills Nod and Smile Keyless Entry Kiss of Death (Andrea) Off the Wall*
Girls Night In (Bette) Simly Beautiful* Bedtime Story
The Binder
Access Denied Pool (Laura)
Ava's Return
On Deck
Sticky Situation
A New Mission
Cause of Death
A Gig to

Romeo and
A Time to
Electricity (Kiki)
Reversal of
Game Over*
Rocket (Kiki)
Max & Mike's
Excellent Adventure

A Dream Come True
The Arrival (Laura)
3 Little Letters*
Party Favor
Rave On
Tess's New
A Bug's Death
It Came From
Roswell Sucks
Ides of April
Alternate Ending
to 3A&HB
Do You Know What It Means To Kill Tess in
New Orleans

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