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~~To All Of You~~
The pain you all feel
I can see in your eyes
In your tears, in your voice
In the hurt in your "whys"
But despite all the anger
We must keep our faith alive
For the ones we all lost
They really did survive
They dance across your memories
And leave footprints in your thoughts
And looking upon you now
They can see you love them lots
They may have left this world
But they didn't go alone
For in the kingdom in our hearts
They sit upon a diamond throne
Their spirits are now free
And God embrassed them with open arms
They flourish in a safe place
Where they live without
Worries or harms
And in God's grace
They are showered with praise
And love to give
Can you imagine a better paradise
For your love one to live
For lifes greatest lift
Is our place In Heaven above
A place where happiness thrives
And hearts are filled with love
So take your time to cry
And let emotions run deep
But never forget that in your hearts
The memories you will eternally keep
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