The Glenn
The second surgery is referred to as the Glenn.
We flew Shawn back to Portland, January 1999.
Shawn, right after surgery,
January 5, 1999  in the PICU, Legacy Emanuel Hospital.
Shawn, the day after the Glenn Wednesday, January 6, 1999.
Daddy carrying Shawn out of the PICU onto the floor, 3 days in the PICU, 4 days out on the 'floor'.
Shawn's papa (Rick Grimes) with Shawn in the PICU the day after the Glenn, Wednesday, January 6, 1999.
Shawn in a wagon going for a walk around the hospital.
Shawn, with Dr. Dave McIrvin, the very best doctor and our friend. 
"My what big eyes you have..." Shawn with daddy's hat, home after the  Glenn. 
Shawn, home from the Glenn and doing great.  What a happy baby.
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