These pictures were taken during the first months of Shawn's life, including his first two surgeries.
Holding Shawn in the NICU, Sunday, August 16. 
Shawn in the NICU at Providence Hospitals before his transort to Oregon.  One of the few pictures of Shawn's chest without any scars.
August 18, the morning of Shawn's first surgery, the Norwood. 
Shawn in the NICU, Legacy Emanuel Hospital, Portland, Oregon.  I was shocked at the amount of medical equipment surrounding Shawn.
2nd picture of Shawn in the NICU, we couldn't fit all his surrounding medical equipment into one frame.
Shawn after the NORWOOD, now in the Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit. His sternum was left open because of swelling, it was closed 5 days later.
Shawn in the PICU after the Norwood
All this equiment in one little room.  Shawn's room in the PICU.
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