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April 2nd, 2004- With the new month here, it just wouldnt be the right if I didnt add some stuff. So, I
added 3 new midi files. One of Beethoven's Waldstein sonata, and the other 2 are excerpts of 2 of my current competitions. Please note that these are clipits, and they are of lower quality due to the midi format, eventually I might put in Mp3's of these pieces, but that probably won't be for a while. And, as always, thanks for visiting Classical Musc Galaxy!

March 30th, 2004-
links section added, with a link to a very active classical forum, and some nice musical jokes I came across in those forums. Unfortunatly, the Bach biogrpahy will not be done for a few days, due to a lot of other things going on this week, leaving me not too much time to work on the site. When weekend comes though, you can expect the biogrphy to be finished, and some other things too!

March 28th, 2004-
The Biography on Bach has been started, you can find some of it in Bach's Biography section. Don't worry, it will be longer, we have to pay our respects to J.S Bach! Eventually I am hoping to write a Biography on his son Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach (C.P.E), but I dont believe that will be for a while. Also added some of Bach's works into the midi section! Eventaully I am hoping to add a "Links" section that will have some links to a few nice classical sites. Stay tuned!

March 27th, 2004-
This website has been submitted to Geocities home pages, and google's directory. Added a midi file page, where midi files can be downloaded, and a message book, where you can leave the site a message or comment. Also, Mozart Biography complete, About Me is complete, and 3 more well known Midi files have been uploaded to the site, and many more to come!

March 26th, 2004
- Forums working, Beethoven Biography complete, Mozart biography and Bach will be finished by April 1st. Please drop in at the forums and say hi, and come back often, this site is always being updated!
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